[VIDEO] Australis 12L Billabong Stoneware Water Purifier - Unboxing & Installation Video

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Good day folks, Rod for My Water Filter here today and what we've got is one of the Australis 12-liter Billabong water purifiers and we're just gonna have a little play here and we'll install and put it together just so you know how it all happens when it arrives at your home. Okay? So, you'll get the delivery, unpack the box, and as you see it here now is basically what you'll be looking at. You're only gonna have one cartridge and you'll make that selection before you go to water.

We've got the Australis Candle, just the normal one. Great for rain water and okay to be used in the city water on chlorine but not real good with the heavy metals, et cetera. Whereas you can upgrade to the Ultra Ceram cartridge and taking out 97% of the fluoride and attacking the heavy metals and this is definitely the better one for the city water, okay? Alright, first thing, right in front of me here we're looking at the base. Obviously the base sits on the bottom.

The tank goes on top. Gives you a little bit of elevation to get a glass under, that sort of thing. So, we will just put this base off to the side for the minute and then we'll be setting the purifier on top here in a minute, okay? Now, this is the tank, which is the holding tank, the main part of this system, obviously. And I'll put the top tank inside in a moment. This one here has the tap in there normally, will come provided with a good stainless-steel tap like this one, generally inside, ready to go.

If in the off chance that your delivery comes and the taps just in a box inside or whatever, then, it's just very simple. It's, just take the nut off, take the steel washer off and one of the rubber washers and it's the same on the outside as the inside. There's a rubber washer and a steel washer on the outside. You push it through, rubber washer, steel washer, nut, tighten it all up and that's how you'll be looking just like here now, okay? So, the tap's in and we're to go and then the next part is obviously to get hold of the top tank, okay? So this top tank's gonna sit in the top there in a second.

Now, what we'll do is we'll just put the candle in it first before we go and we'll be good to go. So, the Australis Candle and we're gonna put that in right now. Okay. I try to touch the candle anymore than you have to. Okay, I'll give you a quick look at it. Here's the candle here, okay. Keep it in the plastic or the box or whatever you got, just keep your fingers off it. Now, when it's an old one you're takin' out, no worries, but a new one putting in, just take care of it.

Putting oil on you fingers and that and we don't wanna get it on the ceramic. So we take the, the washer and the nut off and we've got one washer and one nut left on the thread there. We're gonna simply insert the thread from the inside out through the tank and there we go. We got thread sticking out of the top, we got the washer here. It's got a couple of ripples on the bottom so I'm gonna put those down, leave a nice flat face for this nut to screw down onto.

It'll spin nicely. So then we just screw the nut onto the thread, lock it in. Do it up pretty tight, tight as you can do it with your hands and your fingers, holding the inside. You can turn the candle on the inside a little bit as well just to nip it up and we're good to go. Then we can get out of here, we'll take the box off and there she is. Candle's sitting' inside ready to go.

What I do do just before I put the candle in, regardless of the brand or where it come from, I'll just get the candle and hold it under the kitchen tap. And just run some water over it, wash any of that fine, fine ceramic off the outside and get rid of the ceramic taste and just get it prepared, ready to use.

And then once we put that candle inside there, then we're gonna simply ... ... sit that top tank inside. And there she is, she's sitting there very nicely. Okay, and once we've done that, you'll find the position wherever you want to position your water purifier. We have the base. The top gently sits in and sits in there.

Very solid and steady. Go take the lid, the lid goes on top. Alright? That's how easy it is, they're just fantastic. We can get there, tip the water in the top. When it's brand new, we'll put three top tanks full of water through, open the tap, just drain them into a bucket, put it out in the garden, whatever we like. All cartridges need a flush when they're new so we just run three tanks of water through and then you're good to go and you start to drink it.

If it had any taste or you thought it needed a bit more flushing' you can always run a couple more tanks through and then you'll be good to go. You will find that you'll install it and start using and then over the next week to ten days you'll see, actually see that the taste will improve as the cartridge activates and starts working better and the water will taste much nicer after about 10 days and you'll be good to go right through for the life of the cartridge there.

And they are a very good filter, especially with these good cartridges in them. They make very good quality water. So, good luck. Thank you.