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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is take a look at the Stefani 5 liter terracotta water purifier, okay. So, 5 liter, it's only a little feller. So, I'd be suggesting it's probably for single people or people in flats units, small areas, something like that, okay. So, we take him out of the box, and have a quick look at him, and see what we got. Okay. That'll be our base. Lid. And there is our system. Okay. Cartridge inside. This is the reliable green cartridge, little float valve, a tap, and some do's and don'ts instructions.

Okay. So as you can see, there's the hole in the bottom for the top tank. Pretty simple sort of a system. This is the base in the bottom tank. All in one piece. There's the float valve. It goes in the bottom of the cartridge. It stops the water coming through when its full. Good little booklet, you can see plenty of pictures, and diagrams, and do's and don'ts, and explanations, so please do take a look at that one when you're setting him up. We can have a quick look here now. Here's the faucet. Okay. So pretty much the same as any gravity filter here, folks, in the sense that there's the faucet, and you normally get a couple of o-rings or washers to go with those. One goes up against the flange on the tap, and then it's pushed through to the inside of the filter, then we're putting on the next washer, then we're screwing on the lock and nut, okay.

And what I normally like to do with these, when I'm tightening them up, so it is good that the lock and nut's got a couple of impregnations on it so you can tighten it up tight with your hand, but I'll generally leave the tap just before 12 o'clock, although I feel with this one here that it's got very good rubber seals, and you should be good, so, set your tap up nice and vertical at 12 o'clock, and really tighten him up on the inside, and do give him a good tightness, tight as you can get him with your fingers by hand. Don't over-tighten it. As soon as you see that rubber there starting to squash in, you're looking good. She's all installed, and we're good to go, okay. Once that's done, we can take hold of the cartridge. I'll just note that these Stefani cartridges actually do have very good test results, okay. So, I think that you'll be doing well using one of these candles, all right.

Don't get your hands on the top ceramic part. Just try and hold it by the base here if you can. Two washers, always got to have one washer on and in the top tank, okay. It's the top tank where the seal has to be, okay. So we get the cartridge, put him in. Second washer on, lock a nut on, screw him up. Okay. Once again, up until firm. We don't want to over-tighten it, folks. You'll see the rubber's starting to squash. If you over-tighten these candles, your base is gonna strip the thread there, okay. They are plastic, but the do work well, all right. And now we can see, we got him installed there nicely, okay. So, once we've done that, this one here is the float valve, okay, and that goes on the bottom of our gravity filter candle, all right.

So once you've got him on there, you can simply screw the float valve on, and we'll be good to go, okay. Pretty good little idea this, just stops the water continually filtering down, and that should stop any leakages, okay. So basically, it's just gonna sit in there like so. We'll pour the water in the top, it'll filter down through the candle, it'll fill the bottom tank. Because these tanks aren't sealed between the top and the bottom, if it didn't have the float switch to come up and shut the water off, then the water would continue to flow out and leak through here, so it's a great idea to have that little float valve on there. So keep that float valve on there, and you'll be good to go, all right. So as you can see, it didn't take very long at all to install, just fit's together and sits there nicely.

Fill the top tank up with water, the water will penetrate down through the candle, and you'll have lovely filtered water in the bottom, okay. The top sits on the top, and we're good to go. Just look at on the box here, 99.9% bacteria, amoeba, 98.5 chlorine, iron, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, They're all right up there in the high 90's, 99% removal rates. Aluminum over 94%, okay. And it goes on with other test results there, but that's a fair effort, okay. That is a fair effort. So, there's the Stefani 5 liter terracotta water purifier. Have a look at the information on the page. If you need help in any way, just give us a call. Thanks very much.