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Hello, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And I would like to introduce you to our first choice when it comes to bathroom vanity water filters, to filter all the water flowing from your bathroom's cold water tap. It is the Bathroom Vanity Inline Water Filter System, made by leading water filtration company, Water Filters Australia.

This water filter is fantastic for home owners, real estate investors, and business owners alike. And it is the only under-sink system that does not require a plumber, so it's even great for renters who do not have the space for a bench top. As you can see here, this Bathroom Vanity Inline Water Filter System comes with an easy-to-connect head assembly with mounting bracket, connecting hose, an under-sink installation kit, a water filter cartridge replacement monitor, and a Bathroom Vanity Inline Water Filter cartridge.

The beauty of this water filter is that it connects straight onto your existing vanity tap, so you don't need any extra faucet, no drilling any holes in your sink, and no plumber required to install, because it uses an existing vanity tap. You get on-demand high-flow filtered water right from your bathroom tap. This water filter not only creates beautiful tasty water for you and your family, but it is very affordable and requires very little space under your vanity.

With the latest in carbon block filtration technology, it is designed for anyone dealing with the horrible chlorine in cities or towns that use chlorinated treated tap water. It comes with the Australian Water Mark and is SNF ANSI certified to remove 97% of chlorine, so you won't have that horrible chlorine taste while brushing your teeth. It is tested to have a cartridge replacement life of 12 months, depending on usage.

And when you purchase your water filter through My Water Filter, you will automatically be notified by text when your cartridges need to be replaced so that you don't even need to remember. It comes with the standard 10-year manufacturer's warranty, so you can feel confident that this durable under-sink water filter will continue to provide you great-tasting filtered water for many years to come.

So if you are looking for a bathroom vanity water filter at an affordable price, then this high-flow under-sink inline water filter system is for you.

Clean, contaminant-free water in your bathroom for everyone to use, is just a magnificent way to live. Enjoy.