[VIDEO] How to install your Bathroom Vanity Inline Water Filter System

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we've got is the Water Filter Australia Vanity Basin Water Filter. Great for taking chlorine out, when you're in your bathroom at the vanity basin, the sink. Brushing the teeth, washing the face, whatever it might be. Lovely experience without the chlorine. So, we're just gonna take a quick look here on what's in the box, see how it comes. And obviously, here we are in the bathroom, and here's the vanity basin in front of us, and the vanity cupboard. And so this is where this little water filter would get installed. So I'll just give you a quick overview on it, and how it'll go, okay? It's a very easy filter to install.

And, I'll show you why. Just before we pull the parts out of the box, and we start to install, you would basically go out to the front, and turn off the cold water, or the incoming main water to your home, okay? So all the water's shut off to the house, and you're good to go. You'll come inside. You'll get the tap at this point. You'll lift it up. A little bit of water will run out, and then that water's gonna fade away as the pressure dies down, and eventually you'll have no water coming out of the tap, okay? Once no water's coming out of the tap, you know that you're good to go, and there's no water in the line. What I would suggest is a good old bath towel, to get it in up here, underneath the sink. Underneath the sink here, is the chrome flexible pipe, and that's what goes up to the cold side of the water tap.

Every household tap has one. Under the sink, in the kitchen, in the laundry, everywhere. Hot and the cold. And they're normally a chrome flexible pipe. Something like that, okay? There's one of those here under the sink now, that's going from the cold water down to the cold water side. There's also a hot water pipe one of these as well. So what we're gonna do when we start off, is we get up underneath the sink, and we'll take off the chrome flexible pipe for the cold water.

And we're going to install that onto the outflowing side of the water filter, okay? So, what we would do at this stage, we got the towel up there. You might even want to get yourself a little container like that, and just slip that container up under the sink, so it's sitting in place. Get your spanner.

Spanner in, under that half inch nut. Undo it. Unscrew it and take it off. As you pull it off, water fills in the container. You got your container. Container's into the basin and gone. Then the towel's left there to just sit under here for any little bits of water that might dribble and what have you, okay? So basically this is how it will go. So. We'll start with the head. And, it's quite a main component of the system, obviously. Now on this head, we've got an inlet where the water goes in, and an outlet where the water comes out.

Now as I was just suggesting, up underneath the sink, we'll take that chrome flexible pipe off of here, and it's got to be put on the outlet side, alright? This chrome flexible pipe's connected to the cold water line, so as the water flows out of the filter, it's gonna come up and flow out of the tap. So on the outflowing side of the water filter, that's where we're going to connect you're original chrome flexible pipe, okay? Now to achieve that, you've got a 3/8 to half-inch nipple in the kit.

You're gonna obviously wrap some thread tape around that, and we're gonna screw that nipple into the outside of your water filter, and we're gonna get the chrome flexible hose from your sink, and we're gonna connect it on there, and your sink's now connected up to the outflowing side of the water filter, okay? And then all that leaves us to do is connect up the water on the inflow, and connect the cartridge, and we're good to go, alright? With the kit comes a little roll of good Australian thread tape.

So you'll wrap that around all of the threads that you're connecting on this system, just to make sure we don't have any leaks there, okay? Now, when we take off the chrome flexible pipe under the sink, and we connect it onto the outflowing side of the water filter, then we've gotta connect up the water to come in. So what we do there, at this point in time, we're looking at a thread on the inside, a male half-inch thread, now that you've taken the pipe off. And, we're gonna wrap some thread tape around there.

And then we put this device on. Comes in the kit, and it's a pressure reducing valve. Just stops any horrible sudden surges of water, etc., pushing on the filter. And, we just screw that straight on. And that exposes the second male half-inch thread. You wrap the thread tape around it, and that's when this one comes into play. This is the chrome flexible pipe out of the box. And this is gonna be the inlet to the water filter. So, this filter is up under the sink here. Thread tape first. We're gonna screw it onto the pipe.

And basically this is what you're gonna have sticking out of the cupboard, okay? We've already got our water from the cold water line on the outflowing side. And now this is the inflowing side here. So what we're gonna do, is connect this hose in here, I'll pull it out so you can see. We're just connecting that hose, so you can see it all, under the inflowing side, okay? Now, not all cupboards are the same. You might want your water flowing in this way, and out this way. If that's the case, it's fine.

All you do, four screws on the top of the head plate. Take those four screws out, turn the head plate around, push it back on, put the screws in, and then all the sudden your water filter's working the other way, and you'll have the water flowing in this side and out that side, just reversed, okay? So, inside the box here, is also four screws. And those four screws are to go through these holes here. Okay. And this one right here is the original holder ones, alright? There's one of those screws for each side as well, alright? And they're in the box. Full system, ready to go, okay? Once we've got those two pipes on, and, obviously we're just displaying this here for you today.

If this was going into this system, that's where it would go. Right up there in the back of the cupboard, which gives you enough room for your cartridge, to push up in there, and install the cartridge. And there she'll be, just hanging down underneath the sink like that, filter normal water flowing into your home, okay? With the cartridge, just has a little black cap on the top. And, you're gonna just gently get there, and hold it underneath. Just turn it around until you see, see it's not going in. You turn it around gently, gently, finds it's place and it pushes up in. Then you can just push it up. Once it's up in place, you give it a quarter turn, and she's locked on.

That's it. Okay. If you're in doubt, there's an owner's manual inside. Instructions, one to 10, how to do it, that type of thing. Card with purchasing. And last but not least, there's a little water filter monitor in there. You can take it out of the plastic packet, set it, and stick it inside the cupboard here. In 11 months time, that'll go off, and it'll give you a bit of a notification that it's time to start thinking about a water filter replacement cartridge.

And just let us know, and we'd be happy to help you out with that as well. Good luck.