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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do is just have a quick chat on what's the best thing to drink your water out of. What do you do with your water after you filter it. So there's a lot of growing information available today on microplastics, and nanoplastics and what's plastic doin' to us, and all those sort of things. And we have looked into it a little bit, and it's quite frightening really. So I guess that, big picture, my advice at the moment is probably try not to drink out of plastic bottles if you can afford to. If you can arrange it, try not to drink out of plastic bottles. There's miles of information widely available on the internet for anyone to have a look at about just the PET, the plastic bottles that we buy, 500ml bottles that we buy out of the supermarkets and delis, etc.

Those bottles are containing plastic. 93% of plastic bottles, containers, are containing plastic. We won't go into what forms and what size those microplastics and stuff are at this stage. But my best tip for ya, is filter your water when you get the water out of your water filter, and I'm talkin' about a point of use, so the water filter is under your sink, or it's on the bench top, so it's filtered and basically you're drinking it very, very shortly, soon after it's been treated or it's entering straight into your container. So, this is what I do at my home. I've got a good reverse osmosis water filter. I'm using a GRANDER board here, and I restructure my water on the GRANDER board before I drink it. Now, I've normally got four bottles on there at any one time and as I take a bottle off to drink, I'll rotate the bottles and put a new bottle on. That way they're getting a day or two on this GRANDER board and it really restructures the water magnificently, and increases the available oxygen content, etc.

Now what I find is I don't use plastics any more. We've sort of moved away from that and we just do anything to avoid the plastic bottles. But, plenty of glass, glass is a beauty. So any glass containers that you've got, go for that, go for glass. And the other one is steel obviously. I think glass is your safest bet, but you get a steel bottle, a good stainless steel drinking bottle. What I find, if you are filtering your water, and then you're gonna grander on a GRANDER board that's when I really like the steel bottles. I find that the steel tends to resonate on the board. And I've got some steel bottles, and when I drink out of 'em you feel the oxygen and you can hear it goin' down your throat. I don't find it as much on the glass, and I definitely didn't before on the plastic. So I really like some of the steel bottles, the good quality ones, and that's what I'm using all the time. So give yourself the best chance folks, hang in there, glass is great, steel is good too. Restructured, revitalized water is even better. So just be aware of what you consume in your water. Again, what you're giving the kids their water in, that sort of thing. And give us a yell or a call if we can help in any way. But that's a good angle at the moment. Thank you.