[VIDEO] What's the best vessel to drink your filtered water out of? Glass, Stainless Steel, Plastic?

In this article, you’ll discover what the best vessel is to drink your filtered water from.

With growing evidence that plastic bottles are not only harming the environment, but they’re also causing health issue, we need to be careful what we choose to use.

Microplastics are a real issue. Try not to drink out of plastic bottles if you can.

93% of plastic bottles and containers contain PETs and other chemicals.

Our best recommendation for you is to use a Benchtop or Under Sink Water Filter.

My Setup

I use a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

The water goes through the RO system and into a big bottle. I’ve got four big bottles that I rotate.

The water comes out of the filter, into the bottle and straight onto the Grander Revitalisation Board, where it sits for 24 hours.

I No Longer Use Plastics

I go to great lengths to avoid using plastic. Instead, we use glass to store and drink water.

Go for glass containers and glasses if you can, and stainless steel is also a great option.

When using a Grander Board, I find that the steel tends to resonate on the board. I've got some steel bottles, and when I drink out of them, I can feel and hear the oxygen going down my throat.

I don't find it as much on the glass, and I didn't before on the plastic either. So I like some of the good quality steel bottles, which I'm using all the time.

Our Best Recommendation

To avoid recontaminating your water are it has been filtered, we recommend drinking and storing your water in either glass or stainless steel.

Click here to read more about restructuring your water with Grander Revitalisation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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