You’ll notice in the video below that I am at a home in Brisbane, and our goal is to work out where to install a Whole House Water Filter.

The location is often dependant on where the water supply connects to the building.

Where To Install a Whole House Water Filter:

        • It’s always good to secure your Whole House Water Filter, so it’s not stolen or damaged, preferably inside a fence.
        • Avoid installing the Whole House Filer above electrical appliances. You don’t want your appliances getting ruined every time you change a cartridge.
        • It’s best to install your system in a place where there is the least amount of sun. This will help keep the water temperature down during the hotter months and helps keep away bacteria and mould.

      Locate The Water Metre

      There is usually a direct line from the water metre that leads to the side of the house. However, because the garage is on one side, I’m expecting the water line to be going over to the other side of the house.

      There is a tap on that side of the house too, so it will most likely be connected straight up to the water line leading to the meter.


      Follow The Line

      Once the plumper finds the water pipe, he’ll dig a trench, cut that water pipe and run it to the new Whole House Filter.

      Simply have a good look around and choose a place where there is enough room to mount and move around the space where you are installing your filter. 

        Feel free to look at our learning centre for in-depth installation instructions for all of our products including How To Install A Whole House Water Filter [VIDEO GUIDE].

        If you’ve got any questions at all, please contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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