Whats the Best Temperature to Drink Water

We were often told to drink adequate amounts of water within a day for the benefit of keeping the body hydrated. However, only a few studies tell us about the right temperature to drink water and for other tasks such as:

      • Taking a bath
      • Baking bread
      • Making coffee

Some of you might even ask,

‘Is there really a recommended water temperature? If so, what is the best temperature to drink water?’

Others might ask,

‘Why would there be any difference if it's cold, hot or at room temperature? It’s just water.’

The truth is, studies indicate that there IS, in fact, a perfect water temperature for everything.

Research suggests that it is best to:

      • Take showers in lukewarm water.
      • Bake bread with cold water.
      • Drink room temperature water.

To understand this theory better, let’s examine water and its characteristics.

Properties of Water

Water is a compound made of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen (H2O), making it a highly suitable solvent. Its characteristics make it unique as it is found in all phases of matter: solid, liquid and gas.

At room temperature, water is a a liquid that is tasteless and odourless. However, the temperature can largely influence water's chemical structure and density, thus changing its property.

When water is at boiling point, at 100° celsius (212 °F), it starts to vaporise and turn from liquid into gas.

Best Water Temperatures

So they say, water has varying ideal temperatures based on its uses; let’s figure them out.

Refreshing baths mean lathering in lukewarm water where it's neither too hot nor too cold. Hot water opens pores but may scald or dry out the skin.

Washing plates and fresh produce

These activities need opposite water temperatures where plates need hot water to rid of dirt, oil and bacteria. Fresh produce like vegetables and fruits can stay fresh longer when washed in water at room temperature.

Drinking Water

We have heard different views regarding the ideal temperature on drinking water. Some people would suggest drinking water at room temperature to prevent oils and unwanted fat from accumulating in the stomach. Others suggest that drinking water can be healthier when taken cold because it can pass easily through the stomach.

What Temperature Water Is Best To Drink

Some suggest drinking water at room temperature is best, in order to prevent oils and unwanted fat from accumulating in the stomach. Others suggest that drinking water is best taken cold, so it can pass easily through the stomach.

Other Studies On Drinking Water Temperatures

A study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) suggests drinking water should not focus on its temperature, but instead on its quantity and time.

According to ACSM studies, drinking water should be done inbetween meals and not with meals. Naturally, the body warms up any cold water taken in, thus burning more calories. If more cold water is brought in, then more calories are burned.

However, experts admit that this does not replace going to the gym or your daily walks.

What’s The Perfect Drinking Water Temperature?

The perfect temperature is whatever it needs to be for you to drink as much as you can each day. The only other thing to consider then, is the quality, and have you used a Water Filter?

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