Fluoride in drinking water

Most people living in Australia know that the water coming out of their taps contain fluoride.

If you didn’t know, now you do.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is most commonly known as the mineral that helps enamel make teeth stronger.

Fluoride doesn't naturally occur in H20 though, it’s artificially added to our water supply.

This is a result of the implementation of water fluoridation in the 1960s.


Many Health Experts and Dentists Are Torn

Today, more than 90% of our water supplies contain fluoride.

The rationale behind water fluoridation stems from claim that it reduces cases of tooth decay.

Advocates say, fluoride in water acts directly on the teeth enamel, thereby promoting remineralisation.

What most people don't know is that health experts and dentists are torn on the topic. While topical fluoride may help make teeth more resistant to acid, it certainly comes at a cost.

There's significant criticism in the scientific community regarding the use of fluoride in water. Those against have presented a long list of reasons why adding fluoride in the public water supply is inappropriate.

You are Getting Medical Treatment Whether You Like it or Not!

With the exception of fluoride in our drinking water, all chemicals that are added to our drinking water only serve to improve its suitability for drinking.


Water fluoridation was implemented without seeking citizen approval, YOUR approval!

Unless you do something about it, you are getting fluoride from your drinking water.

If you don't like it, your only options are:

1. Buy bottled water or;

2. Install home water filters to remove impurities from your tap water.


What The Critics Say...

It's unethical of governments.

It's unethical to force medication upon people who don't know they're being forced to take it.

It's unethical to add anything to your water that poses health risks in the long run.

These are fair considerations. We need to be taking the time now, to look at where else we might have been misled about what's good for us. 

You may be asking, if it's improving my teeth, why should I be worried about fluoride?

5 Truths About Fluoride 

1) Overdosing.

Everybody gets fluoride unless you stop drinking water from the tap.

In reality, many people and families around the country rely on the community water supply.

If you're drinking more glasses of water from your taps than from any other source, you're probably getting more fluoride than you need. It’s like having a daily dose of a drug.

The worst part is that you may also be getting it from other sources aside from the water you drink. Toothpaste and oral hygiene products also have fluoride.

There are also traces of fluoride in vegetables and crops.

You could even be overdosing on this chemical, and you may be thinking it's okay because you are preventing a teeth deficiency as if that deficiency leads to some severe health problem.

Still, the truth is, it doesn't.


2) It's not a health requirement.

Fluoride is never a health requirement.

You don't need it, not even to keep your teeth strong and prevent tooth decay.

There are other ways. 


3) Interferes with the body's natural processes.

Some research shows that it has no benefits and can interfere with physiological processes. It interferes with many essential body processes and impacts our health.


4) Builds up in the body and causes complications.

Fluoride can gradually build up in your body.

Your kidneys are only removing just over half of it sometimes. The rest stays inside your body, particularly in the bones.

Kids store more of it as they are growing. That's why they are prone to fluorosis, a condition characterised by teeth discolouration. It's caused by exposure to high levels of fluoride.


5) Fluoride affects the brain.

Fluoride has neurotoxic properties.

Studies conducted on animals showed that it builds up in the brain and gets in the way of proper brain functioning.


What Can YOU Do?

Much of the criticism towards community water fluoridation comes from studies conducted in the last three decades that explain the possible effects of the fluoride in humans.

The mere fact that fluoride has not been proven to improve dental health is a good reason to avoid drinking fluoridated water.

However, because the government prefers add this to our water, we have no choice, even despite studies showing this may lead to more cases of fluorosis, cognitive problems, thyroid problems, and bone disease.

Many communities, especially in Queensland, are already taking action and removing the Fluoride from their water systems.

Still, there is a long way to go before Australia's water systems are fluoride-free.

For now, it is your choice whether or not to consume the water provided.

The good news is, there is an alternative!

If you don't wish to drink fluoridated water, you can simply invest in a Drinking Water Filter such as a Benchtop or Under Sink Water Filter, making sure you choose one of our Fluoride Removal Systems.

filteroo-blue-fluoride-removal-filterTop-quality water filters are safe and easily used at home or in an office, and bottled water is very accessible and can be more affordable than you think, especially when it comes to your health.

It’s your choice and your body.

Other Shocking Truths

Water fluoridation started more than 50 years ago, but in 5 decades, no trials have been made to test the effectiveness of fluoridation!

Read that again...

5 decades, and still no REAL proof that fluoride is effective.

Tooth decay statistics between countries that implemented Fluoridation and countries that didn't have been done and results show no significant difference in the tooth decay cases between the two groups.

The decline in tooth decay cases is roughly similar between these countries, suggesting that there are other factors involved that reduce tooth decay trends, possibly better oral hygiene over the years. 

Countries without fluoride in drinking water

There are more cases of tooth decay in low-income communities that have received fluoridated water for some time.

Poor communities are supposed to benefit from water fluoridation because they have limited access to professional dental care.

The truth is, children from low-income families remain vulnerable to tooth problems regardless of the amount of fluoride they take.

Fluoride is a nutrient associated with lower IQ.

Multiple studies from Mexico, China, and India confirmed this.

Are you drinking toxic tap water?

It's never too late to stop. 

It would be unreasonable for us not to provide a solution to this problem, so please continue reading to find out How To Remove Fluoride From Your Drinking Water


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