[VIDEO] What is in your Bore Water and what to do First before you get a Water Filter?

What is it with Bore Water?


G'Day folks! Rod from My Water Filter here today. We just out on-site and here we've got a bore. Beautiful bore water's never been tested nobody's got on any idea what they're drinking.


That's the problem is the problem that most customers have to. They will ring up they say, we got a bore and we'd like you to filter it for the house. What can we do for you?  

This is the truth, we can sell you 15,000 dollars worth of water filtration equipment. That water will come out the other end beautiful, no worries at all.


But if you could just simply go and then 150 or 200 dollar water analysis done. 


Filter out and Remove Nasties


So you're going to print out on a bit of paper. You can see everything that you're going to be consuming. We can see what's in the water, then you only have to filter out and remove the nasties that are in the water and you're good to go.

So vitally important any water filtration company is guessing if they try and provide filtration for you that they don't have a water analysis for to see what's in it.


We've got customers in the middle of Australia across Australia that have got very sick from drinking bore water there was a suitable for them.

It's generally acidic, can have a lot of iron in it, is depends where you are. A lot of mineral towing bore water you'll see it. 
Capital city starting to use a lot of bore water nowadays.


The government top up the dams, get a lot of calcium coming through your house eating the tapware out that sort of thing.  


First thing to know when you're putting the bore down

But out on the land like this, maybe sometimes you only got the bore water. Great source of water can generally be ongoing. 


So I guess if you come to a new property and you're putting the bore down, first thing you want to know is a plenty of water down there, is it gonna be enough water for you to have continuous supply and keep you going throughout the whole year.


And then step 2 is gonna be what quality is it, and we need to get 
a water analysis done to find that out. Once you know what's in your water, away we go.

Some people can just drink it straight out of the bore. This family here been drinking this bore water for 30 years.


PH level of the water


It's a little acidic at 6 pH and they got no idea what's in the water. It doesn't affect them luckily that we know of. But internally, consuming acidic water is no good for you.  

So we've got at least you consuming water that 7 pH. So we've got to get this bore water to 7 pH. Flowing through the home.
So it's not eating any of the pipe work out and when you drink of the water it's not stripping your inside of mineral.  

So it's all about a simple water analysis before you start. 
Have a good day!