[VIDEO] Understanding the Rain Water that comes out of your Rain Water Tank - pH Test Demonstration



G'Day folks, ROD from My Water Filter here today.  

What we're gonna do is just have a quick look at some rainwater. Here we have a typical Australian situation, a shed, gutters on it, rain water's landed on the roof coming through these pipes and collect it into this tank.  

So what do you got when you turn up and you got to rain water tank  full of water like this. This is it, it's immature water, let's face it. The water it controlled by the Sun, it's been evaporated up off the ocean or the land, it's hit the clouds, it's rained, it's dropped on the top of the roof of your tank.  


It's immature water, what we call mature water is rain water at the end of its cycle. So basically mature water, the water would be allowed to land onto the ground at an acidic pH at about maybe 5.5 acidic pH.  

It washes the country, the water soaks in. It will soak in many kilometers,. As it's going to through the surface, through the land, through the earth, pick it up minerals.  Water molecules remember everything they ever come in contact with in their existence. As the water soaks down through the land, it's pick it up mineral.  

Once it gets down into the land, it'll get picked up by a stream. It'll come up, it'll coming out of a spring. That's what we should be consuming. Beautiful spring water, clean healthy and full of minerals, perfect and with a good pH level. Having back here, we have trapped the water prematurely.  

It hasn't gone through the earth. It's not prepared for us to drink yet. But it is okay, the governmenthaven't got the hands on it. It's not full of chlorine, it's not being contaminated, it's not going to hold heap of contamination from urban living the city corporations etc.  

So we trap it on the roof, through the pipes and into this tank. But what are we got in here, we got rain water that 5.5 pH. Too acidic for people to drink all the time. There's 2 issues with rainwater. Number 1,  it's acidic, it's going to be 5, 6.5 pH at the absolute best. If you store your water in a concrete tank, the line will leech out of the walls of the concrete tank.  

It will elevate the pH of the water. You do a pH test, it's probably gonna be 7, it'll be getting back to neutral. The lime, leeching out of the concrete will make the water neutral. That's what we want to be consuming as human beings 7 pH, so it looks after us. While we also want for the water to flow through the home through the copper pipe we want the water to be 7 as well.  

If you're in your home, if you  just bought property and you're seeing staining on your basin, green, blue staining on the basin. That means acidic water is going through a city copper pipe and it's eating the soluble copper away and that's what you're getting on your basin that's the green color.  

But it all comes back to the acidic water, so if your rainwater is held in a concrete tanks, you pass this test you're good to go. If it's held in an aqua plate which is steel outside, plastic inside, if it's in fiber glass, poly, big steel liner tanks, none of these have got anything to alter the state of the water or add a mineral to elevate the pH, the water will remain acidic.  

So what we're going to do is take the water out of here, we've got to add some mineral into it. If it's for the whole house, we have big housings, we have triple water filters. We're adding mineral into the water before it goes into the home. If you're gonna have it just for the kitchen sink, we can just deal with a small water filter as well.

Atleast you'll be drinking and consuming alkaline water. Continuous use of this drinking acidic rainwater, if you just imagine you're tipping in 5 -6 5.5 pH water. 
The water goes through your body, can take three weeks consuming the water to go through your body. That water wants to get back to a pH of 7, which is neutral for water.

So it's stripping the neutral, stripping the mineral, so it's stripping the minerals out of your body trying to get back to pH 7. So what you're doing is going to the toilet and you're actually flushing your body.  

So you keep drinking the rain water, your body keeps flushing it out, you get acid coming on the outside. Extended use over many years of doing this. Gout, Arthritis, even the big C word. You've got to stay alkaline folks, it's a common knowledge nowadays. Now second problem in rainwater is the bugs, there's no chlorine in this water.

It's fresh water, we love it, bugs love it, everything loves fresh water. So you really need to treat it. Whole House we most commonly use UV, under the sink in the house will use ceramic.  

Much easier, and much more reliable, and it's a lot easier cheaper too. What we're gonna quickly do here for you now is a pH test on this rainwater. I have no idea what it's going to be.  

So what were gonna do, with a simple little pH test kit here, we're just gonna run about 15 mil into this pH tester. I love just doing things  for you folks. I'm pretty rough, just like this cause it's how you're going to do it at home.

And that's what we want, we got 15 mils on this pH tester, and we just come around here and we'll do a quick test on it.
This is the solution pH test reagent. 2 quick drops, beautiful in she goes. Put the top on, we give it a shake, and we see what we got.  Now what we have to say is probably nearly 6, 5 testing a bit 5-8, 5-7, 5-9 but basically it's too acidic. We need it up here on 7 neutral pH, we want 7.  

This water needs some mineral added to it. If the water's 6.5 bit of calcite, calcium, elevate the pH. If it's a lot lower we'll have to add other minerals into it for you to achieve the outcomes that's desired.  

But that's basically what it is. The rain water has got nothing in it and we put some mineral in it. Elevates the pH to 7 and you're good to drink. The house will operate nicely home appliances even would last longer, and that's just what you've gotta aim for. Good luck to you.

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