Gday folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. What we're going to do is have a look at the pH levels of a few of the bottled waters that we've got available in this country (Australia).

Drinking-Water pH

It's become common knowledge nowadays that human beings should be drinking consuming water with a pH-level above 7 pH so we just thought we'd do a few tests and see what's available out there for us to consume.

The Waters We Are Testing

In this video, we've got Brisbane tap water, my own stainless steel water bottle filled with filtered Grander alkaline water and we've just got an assortment of bottled waters that we just grabbed at a local supermarket. 

So Many Water Bottles Is Not Good For The Planet

There's quite a variety of bottles of water available in all our supermarkets nowadays which leads me to touch on the fact that bottled water is not doing our planet any good at all.

My Bottled Water History

I used to drink bottled water a lot. I haven't done so for about four years or so. I now use a stainless steel water bottle that I fill from my water filter at home. I carry this bottle with me everywhere, and I have multiple water bottles to make sure I always have one, so I can do the right thing. 

The pH Test

I put a sample of each water into a little cup. Then I put a little bit of pH tester in each cup and mix it around to see what we have got.

Brisbane Tap Water pH

Out of the tap, you're generally going to get alkaline water. It's blue, so it probably up around the 8 mark which is a little bit high for tap water, but it is generally in between the seven to eight mark. blue ph test The government doesn't want our water pipe system rusting out, so the pH is above 7.

Australian Bottled Water pH

So as you can see in the video, some of these waters are a little bit acidic, and it'll give you a bit of a guide on what you think might be the best solution for yourself.

Acidic Bottled Water pH

The yellower the water after you put in the pH tester, the more acidic the water. This is about a six pH. This one is even more acidic. It's almost going an orange colour. orange ph test This could even be down maybe towards the four to five marks. That is quite acidic. That is quite surprising.

Neutral Bottled Water pH

This one here is almost pushing the seven pH mark.

Alkaline Bottled Water pH

Anything that's got the going from green to blue in it, they are alkaline waters. green ph test You can see the one that I drink is a high alkaline through my water filter and has minerals added. So it's probably more up around the eight and a half mark.

Bottled Water pH Wrap Up

Anything from green to blue is a good start for bottled water though we don’t recommend it because it’s expensive and not great for the environment.

How to Elevate the pH of your Bottled Water

If you are thinking to go for one of the yellow acidic ones then, maybe add some lemon, lime or baking soda into it to get the pH up. Thanks very much and all the best! yellow ph test
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