My Water Filter Customer Success Story Conrad

Here at My Water Filter, we love to hear the success stories of our customers and how clean, fresh drinking water improves their life.

Our latest visit was with Conrad, who purchased a benchtop gravity water filter for his apartment.

Conrads Ceramic Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

Conrad is a web developer in Brisbane and is interested in health and exercise.

He wanted something to feel confident about his water and after trying some at a friend's house he noticed the difference and decided to get one himself.

He wanted to remove the contaminants including the fluoride so he decided to go with the Ultraceram benchtop gravity water filter candle and he could immediately tell the difference.

Thank you Conrad!

Here is a short video of Conrad sharing his story:

Introducing Conrad!

Hey guys, come in. Hi my name is Conrad. I'm from Brisbane and I live in Brisbane. And I'm interested in health and exercise as well as being a web developer. So I've got a bit of a mixed background.

Why I bought a water filter

A few years ago, I decided to buy a water filter because I was thinking about all the water I'm drinking over a lifetime. It's gonna add up to be quite a lot of water. And so I thought I should probably put some thought into that. A friend of mine had some filtered water at home and I could taste the difference.

How I bought my water filter

So I thought, why not just get that for myself. I went online and just googled, and did some research. I came across and there was a filter that had a lot of reviews, and it seemed to do what I wanted to do.

My Purchasing Experience

So I purchased it. It was really straightforward, a really simple process and I had it in my hands in a few days. And super simple to install into this system I've got here and that's what I love. It was so easy to install. I didn't have to rig it up to my faucet or plumbing or anything like that. And every 18 months or so good, the water filter cartridge gets a bit dirty, so I replace it. Pretty simple process.

My Overall Experience

I'm really happy with it. So I decided to buy a water filter that takes out many of the flaws/contaminants, as well as fluoride. And I could really immediately taste the difference. It was quite obvious and I've been having it now for a few years, and it's very noticeable when I drink tap water. If I go to a friend's house and have their water, it's very noticeable, if it's not filtered. I feel like a bit of a water connoisseur now.

It's made a big difference to me in terms of just feeling. I'm doing the right things for my body. Just knowing that every time I drink water at my house, at least it's going to be filtered and it's safe. It's much better for me.

Product in the video

The product in this video is discontinued and no longer available on If you are looking for a similar benchtop gravity ceramic water filter to what Conrad has, we recommend the Filteroo Ceramic Water Purifier.

Or you can click here to check out the rest of our benchtop gravity ceramic water filter range.

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