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Hello, Rod from My Water Filter here today. In this video, I would like to introduce you to a great multi-purpose all round cartridge for creating beautifully tasting water, soft healthy hair and skin. The carbon block water filter cartridge. As you can see here, the carbon block filter cartridge is available in a range of different micron sizes and dimensions to fit any size water filter, whether it's a benchtop, under sink, or whole house water filter system.

So how does a carbon block water filter cartridge create such beautiful water? The number one reason why the carbon block cartridge creates such beautiful water is it traps all the tastes, colors, and odors from the water including chlorines and other contaminants introduced into our drinking water supplies. They not only make the water taste great, but they protect you and your family from drinking the disinfectants, herbicides and pesticides and other chemicals that our bodies were just never meant to consume. Because water is such a vital part of our lives, this makes the carbon block water filter cartridge an essential part of the filtration process for healthy living and great tasting water so you and your family will love drinking the water that comes straight out of your kitchen tap. And they have a six to 12 month cartridge replacement period depending on your water quality. So let's take a close look at the carbon block water filter cartridge. It is made up of activated coconut carbon, compressed into a carbon block form specific to the micron size required.

The micron size is hard to see from the naked eye, but what you need to know is, the smaller the micron size, the more chlorine and contaminants it will trap and the more protection it will provide. Carbon block cartridges come in a range of different micron filtration sizes. Generally, a one micron size is great for benchtop and under sink systems. And five micron is the most common for whole house systems. The most commonly used carbon block cartridge sizes are 10 inch by 2.5 inch, which will fit into most benchtop and under sink water filter systems, and 20 inch by 4.5 inch, which will fit most large whole house systems. They also come in a nine inch by 2.5 inch and other sizes smaller than that for benchtop and under sink water filters, and they come in a 10 inch by 4.5 and a 20 inch by 2.5 for smaller whole house systems.

To find out what size cartridge you have, simply remove the carbon block cartridge from your current water filter system and measure the height and diameter. It's always best to remove it from your water filter to check just in case you have a uniquely-sized carbon block cartridge. Just select the size on the My Water Filter website, and we will be able to help you with replacing your carbon block cartridge whenever it is required or the replacement period is up. Generally, carbon block water filters have a six to 12 month cartridge replacement period depending on your water quality, and when you purchase your cartridges through My Water Filter, you will automatically be notified via text when your cartridges need to be replaced so you don't even need to remember. They are very easy to replace.

Simply remove the cartridge housing that holds your carbon block water filter cartridge, remove the cartridge, replace with the new cartridge, and screw the cartridge housing back on and you are done. A job that can be done in minutes. If your water flow from your water filter starts to slow, it could be a sign that your carbon block cartridge is blocking up. To ensure it is the carbon cartridge that is blocked, simply remove the carbon cartridge, replace the housing without the carbon cartridge inside. If your water flow is returned to normal, then your carbon cartridge is blocked and needs to be replaced.

This can happen at any time if the water board flushes their pipes, which is a good reason to have a sediment cartridge before your carbon cartridge, to protect your carbon cartridges in your system, your health, your home, and your appliances. That's it from me folks for this video for the carbon block cartridge. They are a fantastic cartridge that make great-tasting water and provide unmatched protection for you and your family from the chlorine and other chemicals found in our water supplies today. Enjoy.