[VIDEO] Doulton Ultracarb Slimline Stainless Steel Benchtop Water Filter

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Gidday folks, Rob from My Water Filter again. What I want to do today is just to have a quick chat with ya about this Doulton Ultracarb Stainless Steel Ceramic Benchtop Water Filter. And a bit passionate about this one. The reason is this is actually our best selling water filter. Out of all the filters across the site, this is the best seller. And to give you a couple reasons maybe why, nice little stainless steel bench top filter. Sits on the bench top and it looks the part. And it looks nice okay. It's not too big, it's not in the way. You hardly know it's there, all right. The quality of the water that comes out of this thing, is just magnificent. And I've actually had people buy two of these. People that have had a house in the city and a country holiday home.

They buy one and have one in each place. So it just sort of gives you a bit of an idea that they do go okay, alright. Off the box. 99.9% bacteria,cysts, parasites, particles. Unreal. It's almost all gone, okay. The retaining of essential minerals, that's vital nowadays. So while a lot of filters will take everything out of the water and strip it so that there's nothing left, this thing here still lets the good minerals through so you're still getting some goodies in ya okay. It's got a high flow rate and it's very easy to set up. And that's what I'm gonna show you here right now. So this is how it turns up at your house. It's got plenty of information on all sides of the box, okay. This is the cartridge that goes inside. Please, treat it like an egg. It is ceramic, it will crack. If you drop it, it will break but it is absolute gold. These are the greatest little filters around, okay. And there she is, there's our filter, okay.

So, this is how it'll turn up to your house. Exactly the same. As you can see, we've got a black hose on this filter here. When we supply these, there supplied with a black hose and with a white hose. So, you can take your pick. However you like to set it up in your choice of color. You can have a black or a white one, okay. So pretty simple to start with. Just pull all the plastic off and get it a bit organized, okay. I'm doing everything from scratch here today so you can see exactly how it goes. It's not rocket science. It's pretty easy stuff so, let's get to and let's get to and show you how to set him up all right. So, first thing probably just pull the lead out there a little bit. Just a bit'a'better system going.

The top just screws straight off, okay. Can come over here for a minute. As you can see. Stainless steel folks. Strong, strong, strong, all right. The base, have a look at it. Solid as a rock, the base on this thing here, okay. And as you can see, we're just going to thread in there. And that thread is where we're gonna put our cartridge. Once again, grab the cartridge, nicely wrapped up. Really look after it folks, okay. Really look after it. Its got the paper around it and on the bottom we've got our O-ring and a bit of thread. That's all we're gonna do. That baby is just getting screwed straight on there, okay.

There we go. Now we don't want it too tight, all right. We don't want it too tight. We're just going to screw it in, until he's. I can hear it squeaking a bit. Beautiful, that's all we need. It's inside the housing, nice and tight. You don't want water escaping around there. You want it going through the filter so it's gotta be firm but I can hear that's up nice and tight, okay. Obviously, care instructions, okay. Once that's off, the top gently gently. On she goes. And we just screw that bit up too. Okay. Like so. Discard our rubbish and what we're gonna do is bring it over here onto the bench. Where he'll sit. And then we're gonna connect him up. A couple of ways you could go, depends on what sort of tap you've got here, okay.

Once again, there's an aerator on here. So the aerator comes off and it depends what you've got here. So if that pier is a female thread, I would use this adapter to screw in first but today it looks like we won't need it. It looks like we're gonna be able to screw our adapter straight on. And look at that, there we go. All right. Beautiful. Okay. All right, there we go. Here's the adapter. When we got it, push it down. Turn the tap on. Water will run out of the tap, okay. And we want it to come out of the filter, we turn him on and the water will come out of the filter, okay. So get a bit of pressure going there. There we go and now we have it. Beautiful, clean, nice filtered water. Ready for the whole family to consume. And it really will be nice. Maybe you'll buy'em yourself. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

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