How to Prime and Backwash the 5.5” & 8” Filteroo Rain & City Water Gravity Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

Hello, and congratulations on being a user of the Filteoo water filtration systems. Below you will find the how to video plus the written directions. We do recommend you watch the video so you get a visual idea on how to proceed and what to do.

If you need a hand or require any assistance please feel free to contact us on any of our contact us details. We truely hope you enjoy the filtered water created with your Filteroo gravity water purifier.

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  1. Remove the cartridge from the protective packaging by using a glove or something similar so your hands don’t touch the cartridge as much as possible. 
  2. Unscrew the locking nut from the cartridge threaded stem, turn it over & then screw the locking nut back onto the threaded stem upside down, just enough so the priming washer can sit on top of the nut & is level with the end of the cartridge threaded stem. 
  1. Press the priming washer up against a tap and slowly turn on the water. Allow the water to enter the cartridge. Small beads of water will start to flow out of the cartridge from the bottom up to the top. Once water beads are exiting the cartridge & the cartridge becomes wet all over the cartridge is primed full of water. This will only take between 5 to 10 seconds. 
  1. Rinse the cartridge all over under the flowing tap to remove any carbon fines. Install your cartridge it is ready to flush

How to Backwash the 5.5” & 8” Filteroo Rain & City Water Gravity Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

Due to the filtration of sediments & particulate contaminants from the water during use, the flow of water from the filter may reduce over a period of time. If your cartridge water flow rate slows down, it is normally only because the outside of the carbon block cartridge has blocked with fine sediments. These sediments do build up and can slow the flow rate over time depending on the volume of sediments in the water supply you are using for your water filter. 

Here are the steps below to backflush your Filteroo Carbon Block Gravity Cartridges. 

  1. Remove the cartridge from the filter housing. Screw the cartridge locking nut back onto the cartridge threaded stem upside down just enough so the flushing washer can sit onto the end of the threaded stem and be supported by the locking nut. 
  1. Whilst holding the cartridge, press the flushing washer up onto the end of a tap spout to create a seal. 
  1. Slowly turn on the water whilst holding the cartridge and flushing washer against the tap spout so the water is pushed inside the carbon cartridge. Air then water beads will leech out of the cartridge giving it a back flush, pushing out the sediments that are blocking the cartridge. Continue for 20 seconds. 
  1. Then thoroughly scrub the outside of the cartridge with 100 grit sandpaper or a new scotch-brite scour pad and backwash again as above and rinse the outside of the cartridge well. 
  1. Replace the cartridges into your water filter and fill the top tank with water
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