How to Preflush Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal Cartridge by Omnipure

1. Remove the plastic wrapping whilst keeping the cartridges clean.

2. Remove the end caps from each end of the cartridges.

3. Sit the rubber flushing washer over the hole on 1 end of the cartridge, hold the cartridge and washer as you press it up against the tap spout, gently turn on the cold water and allow the water to flow into the cartridge & then out the other end to flush the fine particles out of the cartridge. Flush continuously for 1 minute or until the white milky coloured water flows clear.

4. Turn the cartridge around and repeat step 3 above and flush for a further 1 minute or until the white milky coloured water flows clear. Continue to flush via this process until you have clean clear water flowing from your cartridge.

5. Once flushed, the Filteroo MAX Fluoride Removal cartridge screws onto the
underside of the connected Filteroo carbon cartridge threads showing on the
underside of the top tank. The fluoride cartridges hang down inside the bottom
tank. (Note - Only 1 end of the cartridge has a thread). The cartridge MUST be
installed by the threaded end for attaching the cartridge and ONLY screw the
cartridge for 5 full turns to not over tighten as this can lead to damaging the
fluoride cartridge inside.

6. Once the Filteroo MAX fluoride removal cartridges have been installed, place the top tank onto the bottom tank and fill the top tank with water and allow that water to filter down through both the Filteroo carbon cartridge & the Filteroo MAX fluoride removal cartridges.

7. Once the top tank has emptied into the bottom tank. Discharge that water to
waste or the garden and then install the mineral pad into the bottom tank and
your water filter is now ready to be refilled & use.