Ceremic Water Dispensers Are Not Water Filters

What’s the difference between a water filter and a ceramic water dispenser? 

A water filter containing a cartridge or something similar, such as the Filteroo, will remove contaminants and clean up the water so it’s much nicer and safer for your body to drink. 

A ceramic water dispenser performs a task - to dispense water. In some cases you will see a container of spring water or fresh filtered water sitting on top of a dispenser.

There are occasions where ceramic water dispensers INCLUDE filtration.

These are generally called Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic Water Filters


For example, a Filteroo is made of ceramic and includes a world-class cartridge that creates amazing quality water. 

And the beauty is that because it’s made from ceramic, you get water that’s a few degrees below room temperature.

The Filteroo keeps your water slightly chilled, even in the absence of electricity.



Benchtop Gravity Water Filters are also an excellent way to prepare, store and dispense water that is free from harmful contaminants and chemical additives such as chlorine and fluoride. 

Check out our collection of Benchtop Water Filters that can also attach to the kitchen tap for unlimited water.

If you need any help selecting a water filter, or have any questions, please contact us

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