Alkalinity + Filtration

Zazen Water Filters are popular for their focus on Alkalinity and Filtration, and simulating the natural mineralisation of water through the earth.

Water falls from the sky and onto Earth, filtering through natural sand deposits to pick up minerals as well magnetic energy. The water sheds toxins before travelling miles below ground where some of the Earth's precious resources are generously added.


Drinking water with the right balance of minerals is like eating food for your body. It soothes, repairs and refreshes!

Before providing 3 alternatives to the Zazen Water Filter, it’s only fair to make a list of things it needs to do. 

Our Water Filter must:

      • Create alkaline water that’s optimised for bioavailability and body cell rejuvenation. 
      • Deposit a range of healthy minerals
      • Reduce fluoride
      • Include no electricity, plumbing or water wastage. 

So let’s find 3 water filters that do this, and fingers crossed we can save you a few dollars too. 

How Much Is A Zazen System? 

A BPA-Free Plastic Zazen Water Filter is roughly $500, depending on where you buy it from (at least that’s what it was when we wrote this article). 

Our Top 3 Zazen Water Filter Alternatives:

All of the alternatives listed below filter water chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and contaminants such as pathogenic organisms, bacteria, cysts, VOCs, metals, pesticides and herbicides.

They also include, or have the additional capability of increasing alkalinity. 

Filteroo Blue


  • Removes Chlorine & Fluoride
  • Will not break, rust or leak
  • Massive Family Friendly 20 litre capacity
  • Free pH elevation mineral pad AND shower filter included!!

Alkaway Ultrastream


  • Removes more harmful contaminants with the world’s best ingredients
  • Uses the best coconut-based carbon available in the world which has a much longer life, far higher surface area and much better contaminant removal capability
  • Adds more antioxidants and alkaline minerals
  • Creates softer water with longer-lasting beneficial characteristics due to the use of crystal quartz, tourmaline, and ceramic magnets
  • Housing is easier to keep clean (Doesn’t create a haven for cockroaches.
  • Doesn’t create acid water
  • Will alkalize and ionize mineral deficient water and rainwater without adding salt
  • A bigger filter that lasts up to 1 year based on the consumption of 2 litres a day each for a family of 4 (3000 litre capacity). The filter was tested by an independent University Laboratory and was shown to perform consistently for the complete 1-year lifespan
  • Higher quality production from a WQA inspected factory which supports a 3-year warranty

Filteroo Classic


Much like the Filteroo Blue, the Filteroo Classic creates world-class, chlorine-free water and is an elegant addition to the decor in your kitchen. 

  • Hand made by world-class potters
  • Best quality stoneware clay & glazes used
  • Made right here in Australia
  • Your choice of Fluoride removal

Increase the alkalinity by simply adding a pH mineral elevation pad. 

Price of a Filteroo Classic 12L: $299.99

Learn more about the Filteroo Classic.

We hope this article helps you to purchase the best one for your needs.

If you have any questions before you purchase, please feel free to contact us. 

We’d be happy to help.