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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter back again. What we're gonna do here today with these magnificent Southern Cross Pottery Gravity Filters is do a cartridge change. Okay? You'll notice if go to purchase one of these filters on the website, there's the option of an upgrade to a heavy metal fluoride removal cartridge. Okay, as you can see here, is the Doulton that comes with it. Basically, this Doulton's great on rain water.

You can use it in the city on chlorinated town water, but it's just removing the chlorine, and stopping the bugs. It's not really doing anything for the fluoride or the heavy metals in the water. If you want to upgrade to this one here, the Southern Cross Pottery SCP Fluoride Plus Candle, that will take care of you much better, and it's got fantastic test results. It really has.

So, what we're gonna do here now is this new, 12 liter gravity filter here has got a Doulton cartridge installed inside. So, I'll just share that with you. You can see the Doulton candle there. Okay, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take that one out, and then we'll replace it with the SCP Fluoride Plus. We always get the bag because I don't like to put my fingers on the candles.

You have a lot of oil and dirt on your fingers, and we just don't want to get that embedded inside the ceramic candle. So, we grab there, put the bag over the candle, so I've got hold of it, and we're gonna undo the nut on the bottom. Simply unscrew it all the way off. Good, lengthy little thread, but it comes off very nicely. Just take your time, and you won't have any worries at all. Okay. Beautiful. Okay. That one there.

And then, here's the famous SCP Fluoride Plus Filter candle. This thing has got very, very good test results. It's magnificent. Once again, I'm just trying not to get my fingers on this ceramic candle at all. Brand new, magnificent candle. I don't want any interference with it. So, here we go. Okay. Sometimes you'll get these, and there will be two washers in them. You don't have to have the second washer, but if it's there, I would use it.

One washer straight onto the stem of the thread. We're going from the inside out. So, this washer's gonna seal on the inside so no water can get passed and dribble into the bottom tank. You definitely want a good seal at this point. This is where it all happens. So, we put the stem through the bottom. Okay. Then, we get the nut, and put it on. It's quite smooth on the bottom here, of the top tank. So, the nut will spin nicely once it gets to the tightening point. There we go. Very tight, simple as that. There we go. On the inside, you can see the nice SCP Fluoride Plus cartridge. It's ready to go.

The only thing that I do is before I put them in, is get the cartridge and rinse it under the tap. Just rinse any ceramic, loose ceramics, off the outside, and put the bag back over it. Insert it like we just did then, and you're good to go. You get hold of the tank. We'll put it in the top tank. What we want to do, because it's a brand new cartridge, is we want to give it a little bit of a flush. Okay? So, we'll fill it up with water, let it drain through, open the tank, drop it into a bucket, put it on your favorite plant. Do it three times. Give it a good flush through. It'll get any taste out of it. All cartridges need a bit of a flush when they're brand new.

Because these are gravity, and they make water so slowly, which makes such magnificent water, it does mean that it takes a little bit extra time to flush one. But, it's well worth doing. It makes a major difference. After you've given it a flush, you'll start to use it from day one. After about the next seven to 10 days, you'll find that the taste is gonna improve all the time. The carbon's activating, and it's starting to function and work properly.

So, after that week's gone by, you'll have magnificent water out of these. You really will. Okay. Apart from that, after you've done your three tanks, fill it up, let the water flow through, and just drink as much as you can. Beautiful, purified water.

It's quite magnificent. Thank you very much.