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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here again. What we're gonna do today, is just have a look at a couple of cartridge replacements in the Rose Ming water purifier. Okay, we have a couple of cartridges that are available to go into this model, the Australis water purifier, great for rainwater and okay in city water, if you're happy with just taking the chlorine out, and stopping the bugs, et cetera.

But if you want a step up for heavy metal removal, fluoride removal, then you might wanna take a look at the ultraceram. So, this system here today, this already has the australis water purifier candle inside. So we're gonna take that out and then what we're gonna do, as you can see, you can see inside there, we'll take this one out and then we'll replace it with the ultraceram, so that'll show you, if you decide to upgrade or something like that, then, you're good to go.

So, obviously, it's porcelain, you gotta take it easy, you don't wanna chip it, break it, anything like that, great idea to put a towel down onto the table before you start, so you got something to sit it on, there'll be no chips or anything off the top tank while you're changing the cartridge over and just take your time and make sure you've got nice dry hands and a good grip on this. So basically, I'll grab the base of the ceramic cartridge inside and we'll just loosen a nut on the outside, very simple process, I'm just gonna unscrew this nut.

You don't get much easier than this and if you use a decent cartridge like the ultra ceram in the top of this tank, amazing quality water. It's very, very good water quality. So we pull off the nut, pull off the washer and we pull out the cartridge, as we say, this is the little australis, we'll just put the nut back on there and put him out there out for a second.

And then here we have, your nice new ultra ceram. And what we do, is we'll leave the plastic on, we've got a hold of it, this cartridge's a little larger and what I might do is, just hold this one here, just to give you a little, the australis, versus the ultraceram, okay? Once you get him, just gonna take this nut off the bottom, sometimes you find that the cartridges come with one washer and sometimes they'll come with two. If you've only got the one washer, the washer goes onto the stem of the base of the cartridge.

This one's already here sitting in place, okay, just to make sure you can see that, and the washer's on the end of the cartridge there and what we're gonna do is, we're actually going to seal this on the inside of the top tank, so not having a second washer on the bottom white metal, you'll be surprised that this little nut will actually spin a lot of better without the washer on there, okay. So then we'll just basically pick it up, we're putting the stem through the hole in the top tank.

Okay, and then the nut's gonna go on, if there's two washers in the package, put a washer on, then put the nut on, otherwise we're just gonna tighten that nut up till he's tight, beautiful and turn the inside a little even just to nip it out that little bit, just to tighten it out nice and tight and there we have it. It's our ultraceram, fully installed inside the Rose Ming water purifier and we're good to go.

What I would do, whenever I take a candle out of a new box, I'll get the candle, hold it under the kitchen tap, just run some water of it, just run any loose ceramic out of the outside of the cartridge, clean it up, then we install it into the top tank. The top tank is gonna go back into the water purifier, then we'll normally fill it up three times, turn the tap on and just use the water in the garden or something like that and just give it a good flush through, how all cartridges would require when they're new and then you're good to go.

So that's installed in there, we'll run some water through and give it a flush and a taste test and this would be an operation. Thanks very much.