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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here, and we're just gonna continue with the video for the vitamin shower with longer lasting cartridge, and we're just gonna show you how to change the cartridge in the filter now, okay? Very simple, one of the great things about this one is just how easy it is to change the cartridge. And as you can see, here's a box of cartridges. Comes in packs of three, alright? So we basically open it up.

As you can see inside, there's got three cartridges in there. And they're all ready to go, okay. So what we'll do, got one there ready to put in. Now when you take these off, it's just simply going to unscrew. Going to be full of water. Inside the cartridge is all of the powder and that slightly dissolves in time. So the outside is nice and orange. And even when the material inside has been used up it's still going to show orange.

So never think that the cartridge is still good if it's orange, it'll stay orange. But on the inside, you'll see that the media's been used. And once it's used, it's had it's time and it's time for a replacement, okay. And when that time is up, obviously the water's turned off. Just treat it gentle, just a nice screw around to the left. Turn it left to un-tighten it. And there we go, down she comes. There's the cartridge, alright, simple as that. Out with the old one, there's the new one, sits inside.

What you'll notice on the bottom is that there is a rise and that sits in the bottom of the cartridge. So when you put it in there, do make sure that it just sits in that center and you're good to go, okay. Then when we go to put them up, we make sure that the actual cartridge is nice and central and it's going up inside the white holder. And just treat it ever so gently when you turn it on, okay. This bottom part here is plastic. And it's got a good coarse thread. And there's no reason to deliver great strength or anything like that. Don't over tighten it, just do it up.

If you go to have a shower later on, you see a little dribble of water or something coming out of it, you can just give it a little nip up, just a bit tighter. But that's basically how we go and how easy it is. And it's all done in a couple of minutes. So enjoy.