[VIDEO] How to change the cartridges in your Doulton Ultracarb Twin Benchtop Water Filter with Alkaline

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we gonna do is just have a look at replacing the cartridges in the Doulton Twin Benchtop Water Filter with Alka-Hydrate or with pH Neutralization. So those Alkaline Cartridges and the pH Neutralization Cartridges, very similar cartridges in that they basically adding mineral into the water to elevate the pH and add some mineral into the water. So, here we are. We got a Doulton Ultracarb System with Alka-Hydrate that's been set up here for a year. And now it's time for us to change the cartridges. So, what we've got here is the cartridges have arrived.

This is what we need you to do when your products arrive from us. It's vitally important for your products aren't cracked and that they all sealed. And the water flows through the products as they're supposed to. So that we create the best drinking water we can. Here's the Doulton Cartridge. And this is going here in position one. Now, it's just been dropped off by the courier. I've taken it out of the box and I'm having a look at it. What I'm doing, I'm casting my eyes up and down the ceramic. I'm looking and I'm making sure that there's no cracks. If there's any cracks on here, I wanna know about it. And if there's any cracks in there, you need to notify us. We have a spin around there and it's looking good. Just spin the ends. Make sure that the ends are on there well. There's one hole in the end on these Doultons.

So that's got to down into the head. Just make sure that you got a good washer at each end ready to go. That cartridge is looking good. Perfect, ready to be installed. Here's the second cartridge. This is our alkaliser. Hear the minerals in there. Alkaliser or our pH Neutralization Cartridge. Just go to about seven pH. These alkaliser go as high as 9 1/2 and then they slowly come back. Best thing to know when to replace your Alkaliser Cartridge is to do a pH test. When the pH of your water drops lower than you like it to be then it's time to get a new Alkaliser Cartridge to control the pH of your drinking water. What we gonna do here today is we got the two cartridges there. They're not broken, they're not cracked. They've arrived well. No need to notify My Water Filter. There's no damage, nothing that needs fixing.

Very successful. We've got the water filter here. It's turned off at the tap. Gently, we get hold of the filter. And we just lay him over on his side. They are right-handed thread. So turn to the right to make it go tight. Today, we wanna remove the housing. So we gonna turn it to the left. Looking down on the top of the housing, we wanna turn it anti-clockwise. You can see on the handle, it's got Open and Close here. So you have look at way the arrows gonna go. You got to put the Open or Close down over the top of the housing. We slip him on like that. Just put a little weight on. And pull up on the tool. Same as the second one. Depending on how hard these are to get off next year is how tight you tight them this year. They don't need to be screwed right up really really tight. You saw what I just did there. Just nip them up.

Once the seals broken here, these will screw and undo very easily. You just use the tool, undo it. Once it's undo, them we just do it all by hand. Here is the Doulton side. I've already pulled out the cartridge out ready to go for today. Here's our cartridge that's gonna go in. We've already inspected it. The hole. This is a Benchtop. This hole in the end has to go down. The water will penetrate through the cartridge down the center core. Water will come out here. We want it to go into the head, flow over into the next housing. We put it on there. I tend to hold the cartridge in there while I put the top on because I don't want to knock it over. We'll screw that housing back on. We'll just do that tight firm by hand. And we good to go. Off with the Alka-Hydrate or the pH Neutralization housing. Here's our cartridge. Not too many secrets here.

The washer, that basically is the seal. And that goes down. The water's gonna fill around the housing and the water will penetrate through the top. It'll come down through the mineral. And the water's gonna come out the bottom. And then flow out of our spout. Alka-Hydrate Cartridge or pH Elevation Cartridge, pH Neutralization Cartridge that go in here into position number two. Same thing. We just slip him straight on with the housing. While you got the housings off, just make sure that the o-ring inside is sitting in there nicely. And you can take them out and clean them if required. Rub a little bit of olive oil on them if you like. There we go. We screw them on there. Benchtops are fairly simple. Once we got them on there, housing tool on. Nip them up a little bit. Housing tool on. Nip them up a little bit. Simple as that. Done up, tight, done, ready to go. Once the cartridges are in and it's all set up, sitting there nicely ready to go, we're simply gonna turn on the water. Flush the water and we gonna flush the water through the system for at least five minutes, and give it a good flush. There is carbon inside the Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge. You might find it when you give it a flush.

That carbon is gonna flush out. But it will flush trough and flush straight through the Alka-Hydrate Cartridge as well. So you may get a little bit of black water come out of the spout when you first turn it on, but that will clear quite quickly. And you will just have normal white clear water flowing out of the spout. Once you've flushed that for five minutes, you're good to go. You can have a drink. Collect the water, put it on the garden, whatever you like. Once it's been flushed today, give it about 12 hours overnight. Get up tomorrow the next day, turn on the tap, drop three liters of water out of it quickly. And that's pretty much it. You're good to go.

The way you go, you'll use that water filter then for the next year or so until you need to replace the cartridge. And then you'll just do the same thing over again. Remember that I mentioned that you do a pH test on your Alka-Hydrate Cartridge or your pH Neutralization Cartridge just to make sure that you're drinking pH neutral water or above. We're very big on alkalised water here at My Water Filter. So when that gets down lower than what you like it to be, you want to replace that Alka-Hydrate Cartridge at the same time. Water filter slows, got any slowing pressure on your filter, take the housing off the Doulton Cartridge. Have a look at our Flushing video.

And you can simply give that a scrub on the outside with some 100 grit sandpaper. Brings it back to life. And away we go again. Any questions give us a yell here at My Water Filter. We'd love to hear from you anytime. Apart from that, have a good day. Good luck.

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