My Water Filter Customer Succes Story - Simon

We thrive on enabling you to create the best water you can and we absolutely love hearing about the success stories of My Water Filter customers about how they have improved their water quality. We have recently visited Simon in Brisbane, who installed an Aquasana Reverse Osmosis water filter in his apartment. Simon and his wife Masako also got themselves a Grander Board to revitalise the water after the reverse osmosis process. Below is a short video of Simon sharing their story. If you prefer to read, below is the transcript of the video for your convenience:

Hey guys, come on in. Welcome. My name's Simon. I'm from Brisbane. We're actually based in Fortitude Valley, near the city. I'm a university teacher at one of the local universities. And, love spending time in the water. Especially underwater, diving and stuff in my free time. So, yeah, my wife and I, we love water. So, we've always been kind of interested in getting... a water filtration system. And ever since we've been in the city especially, because the water's quite strong here. So we tried a couple of on-tap systems, and what we found is that with both the on-tap systems, they ended up actually splitting the faucets. So we ended up having to pay a lot of extra money getting them repaired. So anyway, we did a bit of research, spoke to some guys at My Water Filter, and they gathered some information about the Aquasana reverse osmosis system, so, chucked it in... amazing. The water quality is, it's very different from what we've ever experienced before, plus we don't have to worry about kind of having to replace the faucet every couple of years. And coupled with the Grander Board, the water quality that we're getting is just, it really is... beautiful. Living in the city, one of the things with our apartment is that we don't get much light so we've tried to surround ourselves with as much greenery as possible, and we've managed to actually set up a very nice little garden on the balcony, using a lot of the water, so... It's really sort of changed the way that, the way the apartment feels, as well. So it's not just about the water that we're drinking, but it's also about setting the environment and stuff. So, in terms of the service, like the customer service, and the product and the quality of the product, and the quality of the water, we're more than satisfied and would happily recommend it to anybody. And a lot of our friends actually, now, ever since they've tasted it, they've actually started sort of doing some looking at getting the systems installed as well. So yeah, get amongst it.

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