My Water Filter Customer Success Story - Ethan

I would like to introduce you to Ethan, a health and wellness coach who has a passion for water and other health products. It truly is a pleasure to hear the success stories of our customers and how water is helping to change their lives and the lives of their family.

Water is for the whole family!

Ethan is a husband and a father of 2 young boys, and he does everything he can to create a healthy home for his family. Being a health coach, he understands the life long benefits of clean, contaminant-free water and how it makes him and his family feel. 

Filtered Drinking Water Solution

For drinking water, he chose a Filteroo Gravity Benchtop Filter because he wanted something that removed fluoride and something he didn’t need to connect to his plumbing or kitchen tap. He went with the Ultraceram Fluoride Removal Candle for his water filter to give him peace of mind that his family was being looked after.

Before he purchased a water filter from My Water Filter, he was filling 4 x large containers each week at the local health store and payed 60c per litre for purified spring water which cost over $1000 a year. The purchase of a Filteroo took that right down to $90 a year just to buy a replacement cartridge every 12 months. 

Filtered Shower and Bath Water Solution

As both a husband and father, he not only wanted to ensure his kids had the best water to drink but the best water for his wife and children to shower and bath in. He shared it makes a big difference for them to go to bed chlorine-free.

Because Ethan lives on the Sunshine Coast where they use chloramine, for the shower he chose an Aquasana chloramine shower filter and for the bath he wanted a Sprite bath ball. Both are top of the line products and do a great job of removing the chlorine and chloramine from their water. No more itching and scratching!

They are very happy with their water filtration, and we feel they have a great set up for their family.

Thank you, Ethan, for choosing My Water Filter.

Here is a short video of Ethan sharing his story:

Introducing Ethan

Hey, my name is Ethan. I'm a health and wellness coach and also a father of two kids. Two and four years old and I am a husband. I am absolutely passionate about health, and that is what led me to get a water filter and to really look into, you know, health products in general.

What water means to me

So water is definitely one of those things that can make a huge difference to your health and ultimately your life and how you feel. So knowing this, I wanted not just to feel good in my own body, in my own skin, and to live a long and healthy life, but I wanted my family too, as well.

Our Water Filtration Products

So we got a Filteroo Gravity Benchtop Filter. We got an Aquasana shower filter as well. So we're cleaning ourselves in chlorine-free bug-free water as well. The kids are showering in it. We know that they're not like stocking up on chlorine when they go to bed. And we also got the Sprite bath ball as well, which is absolutely fantastic. We know that we're not like bathing in chlorine and dirty water.

We've gone absolutely all out. We first found My Water Filter by doing an easy search on Google. So that was great. So many products to choose from and different price ranges too. So we found one that fit our budget at the time and got all three products. We definitely feel and know the difference. We are super happy with all our My Water Filter products.

The Result

We absolutely love drinking this water. We love showering in it. We love bathing in it. We don't get itchy. We're super happy with the guys that helped us out too. My Water Filter sent all the products out really quickly. We had a couple of questions about the filter and their response was really quick as well. I can not recommend My Water Filter enough.

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