[VIDEO] Difference between 9" and 10" Cartridges

In this article, we will discuss the big difference between a 9 inch cartridge and a 10 inch cartridge.

You may not think there is much difference between them, but there certainly is.

The Cartridge May Not Fit

When you purchase a cartridge that is too big, it may not fit. If you buy a 10-inch cartridge for a 9-inch system, the cartridge may fit into the housing, but it won’t screw up properly.

The Cartridge Will Not Work

When you purchase a cartridge that is too small, it will not work. If a cartridge doesn’t go all the way to the top of the housing, water will simply not go through the cartridge and will come straight out of your faucet unfiltered. A simple telltale sign that your cartridge is too small is that it rattles when you shake your filter. It should not rattle.

How To Measure Your Cartridge Size

Using a tape measure, put your existing cartridge on the bench and measure from the bench up to the top of the cartridge.

Easy as that! If you purchase the correct size cartridge for your water filter, you’ll create magnificent water every time, without fail.

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