[VIDEO] Grander Flexible Unit - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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G'day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and we're here with Wayne from Grander and what we're doing is just having a look at the Grander Flexible Unit. Okay? I'll let Wayne fill us in on the details, but multipurpose, different end connectors, and it's a bit of a universal use for a lot of different situations this one. - The flexible's basically used as an interim before being able to afford to put the whole house on, which is obviously gonna be the ultimate, but this I have people that have used them for 20 years, and basically we can put them underneath the shower rows, and have beautiful showers, changing the hair, changing the soap, the way the soap works.

A lot of women come back with the moisture in their skin and those sorts of benefits and so by doing that we can also hook up the portable filter to the shower so that you're drinking and showering or if you wish, we can just install it under the sink for drinking water and cooking water or if you are filling boats or caravans, it's a portable unit. So you can pull, hook it to an outside tap so it's got multiple uses. The thing I like about it is if people cannot get into the whole house straight away system they can stil shower with this unit, and drink the water.

That's what I like most about that unit. It's very economical in that regard. - Yeah perfect for people in apartment buildings and stuff like that, that you just can't get to the pipework. Obviously we have a saying at My Water Filter and at Grander that you'll never have a Grander shower. That's obviously where this device comes from, so shower head off the wall and Grander device on. As you mention, it can have a two-piece put on it with a water pipe coming down. So even though it's on the hose, sorry on the shower, you can have a secondary hose coming down and fill water bottles and use it. Spray it on the face and all sorts of other applications throughout the home, just all from this one device. - Absolutely, yes. And it makes Grander very economical for showering and drinking.

Especially when we start looking at the benefits of Grander and the health opportunities and everything like that. It really is a cheap fix, isn't it. A cheap solution. - It is. - Yeah, that's it folks. The Grander Universal Device there, flexible unit. It's an absolute ripper, so take a look on the site and plenty of information there for you to have a look at it, and sure you can slide it into your life there somewhere. Showers at home, going away, use it in the caravan, wherever it might be, out on the boat, etc. It really is a good, strong, heavy, sturdy device. So take a look. Thanks very much.

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