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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do is just have a look at some of the cartridges available today to add some mineral into the water, okay, to elevate the pH of the water, alright. So as you can see a few filters around me, and a range of cartridges in front, okay. So what can happen and what you can do is add more minerals into the water than what's currently in there, okay. So I'll start with the most basic model, and these here is benchtop 10 inch housings. Now this could be on the benchtop or it cold be under the sink, okay. It's basically a standard industry 10 inch housing, and this one's getting the water pre-filtered, and the ultrapure, and here's the alkyl hydrate here. So what's inside that there is this cartridge here, okay.

And it's basically full of minerals, calcium, tourmaline, et cetera, and that will elevate the pH of the water, dissolve beneficial minerals into the water before you consume it, okay. So if this was tap water in a capital city, coming in at about 7 1/2 pH, this remineraliser will elevate the pH of that water to be about 9.5 to start with. With a bit of use over the next couple of weeks, probably drop down quickly to nineish. Then you'll use it throughout the next year, you'll slowly start dropping down to eight. And then if you do a pH test every now and again, so you know when to replace this, eventually it will drop right down to seven, but as soon as the pH of the water goes lower than what you'd like to consume, that's when it'd be time to put a new alkaliser into this housing here, okay.

So that's one style. Another reason that we use alkalisers a lot is our reverse osmosis systems, okay. This is portable benchtop, this is a good under sink model here. So when these reverse osmosis systems fill with water, they've got a big membrane inside like this, and that membrane splits the water, and you have pure water come out the blue hose, you've got contaminated wastewater coming out the black hose. And the quality water that these produce is no mineral left in the water, okay, so they strip everything out. Pure water blue hose, mineral contamination, chloride, fluoride, you name it, is going out the black hose, okay. And the pure water, the pH of the pure water now that the mineral is gone is gonna probably drop down give or take about the six mark. Alright, so we now have got a city water with no mineral in it, that's got no other contamination in it either, and we now want to get this water here up at least to seven and possibly higher than that if people would like to consume a higher alkaline water.

Never drinking water below neutral seven for too long at all, okay. Try and drink water that's alkaline, above seven all the time. So down this page is a variety of alkalisers, remineralisers, and they can be added on to any sort of system, even with these systems here if this is under the sink when the water comes out of the filter, you simply can add a mineraliser like this on top. If you only had a single stage or a twin stage filter like that, you just bring the water in, plug it in this end, hose plugs in that end, goes up to the faucet, and it's a way you can add mineral to your existing system. If you've already got a twin system under your sink now, and you'd like to put some mineral into your water, elevate the pH, very easy to do.

You would just pull out the hose that goes up to the faucet, and stick it in here, and then get another bit of hose to go from here into your filter, and the job's done, okay. So this is the alkaliser from Omnipure in the United States of America, and very popular. It's a high end alkaliser that you can see it's quite big compared to any of the others, and there's a lot of mineral inside this one. It's very popular, we use it a lot. We'll sit it on top of our systems like this, so these benchtops here generally are six pH if there's no remineraliser added to it all.

So to remineralise with this on top, or the new ones that have actually got them fitted inside, and that will create a higher alkaline water with more mineral in the water, okay. We have another big one that we use often as well. This is this one here. This is a more of a value line one from Taiwan. Once again work's an absolute treat, high alkaline, but what we like to do here is just put that different sticker on it so you know the difference. This one here, this is basically an acid neutraliser. So once again it's an Omnipure USA product, and what this will do is elevate the pH up to neutral okay, so it's a neutraliser, so you'll only get about seven pH out of this cartridge, but it's really good if you just want neutral pH water around seven. Use it on rainwater, or on city water or on reverse osmosis systems, whatever you like. This is the Puretron T300 cartridge, okay. This is mainly used on reverse osmosis water filters in the sense that it's got magnesium in this one, and what it does is elevate the pH of the water like others except it needs the water to go through it slowly is what I'm saying, so most of these here, they'll run at a full flow at about three liters a minute.

This hydrogen water alkaliser here, this will work extremely well, but on a reverse osmosis system we normally install it after the membrane, before the tank, so the water only goes at about 200mLs a minute, so there's lots of contact time with the mineral and that's how we get these to work their best. It's made from pure magnesium, okay, and they are very popular as well with hydrogen nowadays, okay. And this was just a carbon filter that can go after some of the cartridges, okay. So this is our Extreme Alkaliser cartridge, and this has got about three different minerals in it. This will elevate high pH. And if you're looking for that, you'll get about eight to 9.5, and you'd normally replace it every 12 months or when the water drops down below seven.

But with this Extreme Alkaliser normally comes a Extreme Carbon cartridge as well, and they basically go as a set. And what we try to do here is add a lot of mineral in there. Some of this mineral has a bit of a taste to it so we run it through some carbon, and that one there will sweeten the water up before you drink it. A lot of these other remineralisers here have already got carbon in the end of them, or as you can see on this reverse osmosis system here, when the water goes through the bottom and through the membrane, comes around the back and goes through a remineraliser, then goes through a carbon cartridge to polish it up and make it taste nice and sweet again, okay. So alkalisers are gonna change from time to time on this page below, so do have a read below for more information apart from the video, and we'll try and get our hands on as many as we can folks, and get them up onto there and get some information for you because a lot of people are going this way, takes a bit more to filter the water nowadays, the stripping the mineral out, always good to get some more mineral back in there. And plenty of choices on this page below, so take a look, give us a ring if you need a hand, and appreciate your stopping by. Thanks very much.

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