[VIDEO] How to change the cartridge in your Doulton Ultracarb Single Stage Ceramic Benchtop Water Filter

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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do, is just a quick cartridge replacement for the Single Stage Doulton Ultracarb Benchtop Water Filter, okay. So here's our new cartridge. Here's our benchtop water filter, that's been sitting on the bench for 12 months and we just wanna replace the cartridge, on the inside, alright. So this one's just come in the mail here and I'll pretty much just show you what I would do, if this came to us at home. So we're gonna open him up and have a look. So the first thing I wanna do, is I just wanna have a look at this Doulton cartridge and make sure that the courier hasn't broken it in transport, okay. So it's no good us putting a cracked, or a broken cartridge inside our filter. So I'm just gonna pull it out. Now I don't wanna touch the ceramic part, but I wanna inspect it.

So I'm casting my eyes up and down the cartridge as I slowly spin it in my hands and I'm just looking to see if it's got any cracks. They're normally quite visual if it's cracked and you will see it, okay. Just have a look at the end. Make sure you've got two good washers on each end. Which we have and it's all good to go, alright. So cartridge has made the distance. No need to notify My Water Filter that it's damaged or anything. We're all good to go. Alright, so here's our filter here and what we're gonna do, I normally will get a cloth, or half a towel and we'll just get it and lay it out on the benchtop. Just so we've got something nice and soft to work off, okay.

Now we've just got our housing tool and we laid him down and then we insert the housing tool over the top. You can note that it does have open and close on the housing tool, but it is important which way you put the housing tool onto the housing or you'll be turning it the wrong way. They're a normal Australian thread. Turn right to make it go tight. In this case you wanna undo it, so looking down from the top, we're going anticlockwise and turning to the left, okay. Okay, so once we've just broken the seal, around the bottom here, it's very easy then to just turn them and undo them by hand. Okay, so we'll just screw this one off now.

As we open him up, just being a bit careful that we're not going to knock it over or drop it or anything. Put that one out the way. And here's the new Doulton here. Now you'll notice with the Doultons, there's only a hole on one end, alright. There's no hole on the other end, okay. So, with a water filter, the water penetrates through the cartridge, to the center core and then the water comes out of the hole and flows on for you to drink. So sometimes these cartridges may say, this way up. Now if you put the hole this way up in a benchtop, the water won't come out. So this hole must go into the head cap, okay. So on a benchtop water filter, make sure that the hole is down, okay. So he's down, don't knock it over. Treat it like an egg, the cartridge will break. Gently on with the housing again. Screw him up as tight as you can by hand. It should screw all the way up by hand. Sometimes you wouldn't even need to use the tool, okay. So we just get him there, tighten him up by hand. Beautiful. Put our tool back on. Just nip him up a little bit. Just make sure it's tight. We'll sit him up on here, and we're done. We're good to go, okay. Being a single stage, there's only the one cartridge, so very easy.

Now we're simply gonna turn on the faucet and we're just gonna let that flow constantly for at least five minutes, okay. We can put a bucket of water underneath it. We can put the water on the garden, whatever we might like to do. The pot plants et cetera, to save the water. But these Doulton cartridges are no different than any other cartridge. Every cartridge that you buy from anywhere, needs to have a flush, okay. In this case, at least five minutes with the Doulton. There's carbon on the inside of these Doulton cartridges, so when you turn it on for the very first time, expect a little bit of carbon, to flow out of this spout here. It'll only go for five or 10 seconds, and it'll stop, clear it and it'll never come back again.

But that initial blast of water, I would expect some black carbon to come out, okay. So that's what we'll do, give it a flush for five minutes and then you're pretty well ready and good to go. Overnight, the cartridge is gonna activate and swell and then the next morning, turn it on, give it a quick three minute flush and you're good to go for a year. Away you go, okay. So Doulton's, very good, very reliable. Great for rainwater, enjoy. Thank you.

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