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G'day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here again today, and what we're gonna have a quick chat about is the quality of these Doulton UltraCarb ceramic candles, okay? Just an amazing little invention. Doulton, been making these maybe for about 185 years, something like that, so you can assure that, after that amount of time, they're getting pretty good at it, okay? So, a couple things, it's ceramic, and it'll break, alright? So even when it's in the box, you can't just go dropping it down or anything like that, alright? Be gentle on it, respect it, treat it like an egg, that's probably the best way.

Once it's inserted inside your filter, and you're using it, not a problem, but in transport, and when it's in your hand, and you're working with it, and you're installing it in the filter, just take it a little bit easy, okay? So just before I undo it, I'm just gonna read this box, this information on here is just absolute gold, okay? The efficiency of this filter, 99.99 percent, the bacteria, cysts, and particles, alright? You're not gonna get much better than that. Long life, anti-bacterial action. One of the gold things about this filter, folks, is that it still retains the essential minerals.

So while it's taking the chlorine out, taking the heavy metals out, pesticides, herbicides, all the baddies out that we don't wanna be drinking, it's still leaving the good minerals in there, and nowadays it's vital, okay? Doesn't mess around with the pH, if you've got pH 7 water coming out of your tap, you'll be drinking 7 pH water, okay? No electricity, just runs off the water power. So here we go, nice and gentle, take him out the bag, okay. This is what we got, thread on one end, obviously that screws straight in to the filter, we got some instructions in there as well. Okay, there we have it.

The details, what to do. Here's your filter. When you have a look at it, just make sure there's no cracks on it, alright? So just have a bit of a look, inspect, no cracks, good to go. Make sure your washer's on the bottom, it's all in one piece, keep your hands off it, you can't touch it, there is silver impregnated inside the ceramic, and it'll stop any bacteria or anything browning, even for the duration of the life of your product, and look after it then as well, but treat it with respect, like an egg, nice and gentle, then once you get it in there, you'll be ready to go, okay? And the water quality that comes out of these is just amazing. I use a larger type one here in our own house ourselves, so, unreal stuff. Thanks folks, good luck to you.