CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase of the Doulton Ceramic Twin Undersink filter system. With proper installation and maintenance of this unit, you will enjoy many years of reliable service - providing filtered pure water for you and your family.

Step by Step Installation


1. Installing your undersink system - Taking into consideration ease of maintenance, find a convenient location beneath the benchtop. Using the selftapping screws provided, attach the filter to the cupboard wall (allowing approx 50mm height for servicing). The system may otherwise stand freely on the cupboard floor.

2. Shut Off the Water Supply - Locate the water ministop valve (see Diagram 3) for the cold water feed line. (To identify the hot and cold water pipes, turn on the hot water at the faucet. After the water is warm to the touch, feel the pipes under the sink).

Close the cold water ministop valve. Turn on the cold water at the faucet to assure that the line is completely shut off and drained. (If there is no cold water ministop valve located under the sink, it is necessary to turn off the main water supply at the entry to the house).

WARNING: This unit must be installed on the COLD water line.

3. Attach Swivel Compression Tee (see Diagram 2) - Unscrew braided hose from ministop valve. Screw in the swivel compression tee. Reattach braided hose.

4. Connect the System - To make a connection, the hose is simply pushed in by hand. Please refer to Diagram 3. Where possible, leave hoses long, do not cut to an exact length. Ensure cut is straight and square with a clean surface.


 5. Faucet Installation

The pure water faucet may be installed on any flat surface over 50mm (2”) in diameter. (Remember: check the underside of the location for interference). Make a small indent using a centre punch to mark the desired drilling location. Drill a pilot hole with a metal drill. Enlarge the hole using a ½” metal drill bit. Once the hole has been drilled install the faucet as per Diagram 4. Be sure the faucet body, chrome plate, and the black rubber washer are placed above the sink. Install the black locating washer, the lock washer and nut underneath, then tighten firmly while aligning faucet in the desired direction. Install female Quick Fit Connector to the end of the faucet (see Diagram 4).

6. Activating the System for the First Time - Once all tubing has been connected, place the pure water faucet in the on position, then open the ministop valve slowly. This will allow any trapped air to escape. Check plumbing assembly and the undersink system are secure and free from leakage. If there are no detected leaks, leave the pure water running for a few minutes to flush the new filter cartridges. Water may be slightly discoloured and have some aeration, this is normal and will clear shortly. Allow the system to stand for 2 to 3 hours and then flush again for several minutes. Your system is now operational.

For further information and assistance on the installation and maintenance of the Doulton Ultracarb Twin Undersink Water Filter system, please contact My Water Filter at 1800 769 300.