[VIDEO] How to add Alkaline Water to any water filter using a Dual Alkaline Faucet

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we'd like to share with you is a new system that we've designed, and basically, it's able to take your normal water filter to a twin-tap system where it will provide the normal water that you've already had, the normal, beautiful, filtered water, but nowadays, with the two taps, we're able to provide alkalized water as well, okay? So, just to give you a bit of an idea how this runs, here's a water filter that's under the sink. This could be any water filter.

This could be any brand of water filter, okay? And it could have one housing, two housings, three housings, four, nothing matters. Let' suggest that the water filter is making beautiful filtered water for you which you're quite happy with, and you've got a single faucet up on the sink. You get your water out of it everyday, it's fantastic, okay? Normally, the water's coming out about at seven, 7 1/2 PH across the country. If you'd like to have a choice of two, then all we can do is supply this new kit for you. As you can see, we just got this magnificent tap here. It's got the two handles on it, okay? Here's the old water filter, and here is the new alkalizer.

So what we've done, is the water used to come out of the water filter and it would run straight up to the faucet, and and it only had the one lever on it, so it was just a single faucet, okay? So, if you've got a system, all you have to do is undo your faucet and you pull your old faucet out and put it out of the way, you slide this new twin-faucet into the same hole, tighten the nuts up from underneath like it installs, and then we've got two connections on the bottom now, okay? So basically, in the kit there'll be the T-piece and the new alkalizer cartridges and the pipes and the connections that you require.

And basically, where the water comes out of the water filter here, it just used to run straight up to the tap. So what we've done, we've installed a nice, neat little T-piece here, we're running the water through the alkalizer and we've got two lines running up to this tap here now. This one here is just normal, beautiful, filtered water like you've always had. You can turn that off, and then we flip this one on. It's going through the alkalizer, and we've got eight to nine PH water flowing out of the other side. Fantastic for families, if you've got infants, toddlers, young children, probably just still want to have a normal PH water, good filtered water that everybody needs nowadays. So, filtered water for the kids out of here. The adults and anybody else that might want the high alkaline drinks out of the other side. Enjoy.

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