[VIDEO] How to Best Install your Whole House Grander Unit

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G'day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and delighted to be catching up with Wayne from Grander Australia again. And what we're gonna do today is show you how to maximize the life of your outside Grander unit, okay? So people will be well aware nowadays, there's plenty of videos, literature, information on the benefits of Grander water, taking care of your whole home, for your health, all those sort of things. But we need to respect the Grander products a little bit ourselves. They are an amazing product, and maybe not the cheapest product in the world, but they will last for an indefinite amount of time if you treat them correctly, okay. So when you purchase a Grander product, and the Grander whole house arrives to your home, you will get some instructions with that product, and when you have a look at this video here today, it'll just put it all together for the people, and then they'll be able to get it installed properly.

On saying that, you might wanna even keep this video, and share it with your plumber, because it is vitally important that you install it the right way, so that it just lasts indefinitely for you, okay. And so you're able to take care of it every year by giving it a rub over with the petroleum jelly, etc. - So like Rod said, there's very little maintenance, but it's important that we keep it in a waterproof condition from the bottom up, so we don't get sand and smells and things coming up. It'll stay like this in this capsule indefinitely.

And so what we do, we have a length of 225 PVC pipe. We have two caps. One goes on the bottom, and we just simply glue that onto the, we glue the bottom one on so it's waterproof, and then we drill two holes in, which make this Grander unit sit about that far off the bottom, so we can get our hand around it and maintain it with petroleum jelly. - Yep. - So we just have a couple of nipples that go in like this. - So their plumbers, his plumber will put some plumber's tape on those nipples, and tie them up nice and tight, and it's sealed and locked in, good to go. - And then we just put in what we call copper rises. So this makes this module a module on it's own. So it can be taken anywhere.

So you put this in, and then when you shift home, you can take it out, and put it back into somewhere else. So just like this. And the same on that side, Rod. Like I said, this is just a demonstration. The plumber will see from this demonstration it's pretty straightforward. And then we can just put on outside joiners, what we call joiners, to other copper pipe, or poly pipe, depends on the type of pipe that's in the mains. And that there is the module. And so it can be taken and put in different parts. It can be put on a riser. It can be transported around. And of course, if you're shifting home, of course you wanna keep this indefinitely. You can just undo this and take it with you. - Very cool. - So it can be built on the beach, basically. - Yep. Very cool.

That's the goal, keep the air off, keep the moisture and everything off, dirt. - Obviously, at the end of that stage, once it's fitted and installed by the plumber, you then make sure there's no leaks, and then you coat it in petroleum jelly. - Right. - Just a nice coat around there stops the condensation, stops any staining. - Yeah, beautiful. Okay. Well that's the guy, folks. You've seen it there, we'll put it all together and get this video out to people, so take a look, give us a call if you've got any problems, or need help or anything like that, but this is basically, honestly, the minimum that you wanna do, okay.

So you get yourself a perfect whole house Grander unit, you want it to last all of your life, so get a good cover like this around it. If you're gonna move house, go anywhere, if you wanna half-bury it under the ground, or have it out of the ground, whatever you might do with it, you can see how well-protected it is there. And just in closing, security, okay? People are finding out about how good Grander products are, and the community being the community, you just wanna make sure it's secure, and nobody's unbolting it off your home. So this is also a great way to have it nice and secure in your own home, okay. Thanks folks, thanks very much. - Thank you.

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