[VIDEO] How to Best Install your Whole House Grander Unit

If you are going to go all in and invest your money in a Whole House Grander Unit to treat the water in your home, then you might like to know how to set it up in the best way possible, so it stands the test of time.

How To Maximise The Life Of Your Grander Whole House System

People are becoming more aware of the benefits of Grander water, and how to transform the water in their home. A Grander Unit is a significant investment and should be installed in a certain way to ensure it lasts.

When you purchase a Grander Whole House unit, and it arrives at your home, you will get some instructions with that product, and when you look at this video, everything will come together perfectly.

This is also a great video you can show your plumber if you intend on hiring one to install your Grander.

Install Your Grander Unit Inside A PVC Capsule

You’ll notice in the video above that Wayne assembles the Grander unit inside a length of 225 PVC pipe, with caps on each end to seal it.

The bottom cap is glued on permanently, so it’s entirely waterproof.

Then two holes are drilled into the sides of the capsule, and pipes are inserted to elevate the Grander unit to sit a couple of inches off the bottom of the capsule.

This makes it easy to open and get our hands around it enough to apply some petroleum jelly once a year, just to lubricate the unit.

      1. Screw nipple into each side of the Grander unit.
      2. Put risers into each side of the capsule.
      3. Screw the risers onto each side of the nipples on the grander unit.
      4. Attach joiners to the outside of the risers.

Please watch the video above to make sense of these instructions.

Once the unit is set up and all ready to go, connect it up to your water pipe.

Once it’s fitted and installed by the plumber, make sure there are no leaks and then coat the unit in petroleum jelly. This ensures that the Grander unit doesn’t stain or rust due to the protective coating.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you very much, have a great day!

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