Grander Board with Filteroo Gravity Filter

There are many ways to create Grander restructured, revitalised water and out of all the Grander products we sell, the most purchased is the Grander Revitalising Board.

The reason why is because the Grander Revitalising Board is so versatile.

It is a great place for you to keep your water at home

At My Water Filter, we like to think of the Grander Board as your little shrine for water in your home.

It is also good to take with you when you are travelling

Recently, we had a customer let us know his experience with flying with his Grander Board and we are very glad he did because if you are thinking of flying with your Grander Board you will want to know this.

Always check your Grander Board in with your baggage when you are flying (Don't take it in your Carry on Luggage)

Here is an email we got from a customer after he tried to clear customs after he tried to take it on the plane with him:

"Hi Rod,

I've just cleared customs leaving Australia for an overseas trip and taking my Grander board with me.

The Grander board showed up on security scans for carry-on luggage as it has a coil that showed up as a potential explosive device! As you can imagine, this caused some concern from the security officers.

For future travel, I wouldn't recommend taking the Grander board as part of carry-on baggage. Maybe you can pass this on to other customers to avoid having the expensive board confiscated by security.

Grander Revitalising Board

A Big Thank You to You

A big thank you to our My Water Filter community member. We appreciate you sharing this with us and we appreciate anyone who shares with us their learnings in the world of water and water filtration.

Until the next blog post, enjoy your Grander Water!

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