[VIDEO] Grander Chinese Garden Interview - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And we're just having a quick chat with Wayne from Grander, Grander Australia. And Wayne I wanted to tell you a story and maybe ask you if you can help me on this one. And it's, I'm not a real well traveled guy. I've gone to Sydney with my girlfriend, we're walking through the city center, and we come to this massive big brick wall. Had no idea what it was. We're walking around it, we come to an entrance, and we go in, and it's the Chinese Gardens there. Beautiful little lake and fish and etcetra, etcetra.

But, you know, being a marine farmer and involved in agricultural myself, I can see that the water was pretty destroyed. And, I believe that you've taken some action on that nowadays and you've really helped them out. And it doesn't look anything like that now. - No, we were commissioned by the New South Wales Government at that time, 2012/13 to dig sludge in the Chinese Gardens.

And normally, traditionally they would drain the water. - Yep. - And consequently lose the fish. - Yep. - Close it down for two weeks and dragline it out. - Right. - Which really got rid of about 40 percent of sludge. - Only. - Only 40 percent, so like I said, in 2012/13, we promised that we would desludge by 50 percent or they'd get all their money back. - Right. - And so, at the end of that 2013 we had desludged by 93 percent. - 93. - In twelve months. - That's amazing. - Yeah and today they are now using the Chinese Gardens as a water treatment system that actually irrigates out onto all the Darling Harbour trees and grasslands. - Beautiful. Wow, Wow. - And we also have Grander around the Opera House on another system as well. - Yeah, right, right. You were just recirculating that through that pond? - Yes. - And, yeah, yeah. And reinserting the signal over and over again. And, it just changed the structure of the water and did it's thing. - Yep, well the biologics. So, that sludge, something like point six meters of sludge, was eaten up. - Yeah, right. - And everybody was standing around scratching their heads saying what happened here. - Couldn't believe it. - But the composting effect on our bodies, on the atmosphere is all the same.

Nature only makes one rule. - Yep. - And if this happens here, it happens there and there. - Yep, yep, yep. - You just have to adjust and meet that. - Yeah, so whether it's a pond or our bodies, there's so much contamination around. We're breathing it in, we're eating it, we're drinking it. And the Grander and all the bi-products, and benefits, and signal of Grander is just an amazing thing for all of us to stay healthy and live the best life that we can, for as long as we can. - I basically think that, you know, we're now quite into probiotics. - Yep. - And if people are starting to look at that, we should look further. That probiotics is really generated by aerobic conditions. - Mm hm. - And so, we quite often don't need probiotics we just need more available oxygen, we need a bit of water. - Yes, yes. No, I hear you loud and clear mate I certainly do, especially, I was going to say, from my background, with the farming and agriculture farming, et cetera. So, look folks if you've got ponds, lakes, dams, creeks, just small fish ponds and algae issues, and to much muck in the water or anything like that.

Then, you just heard it firsthand that Grander is the way to fix it. Not dig it out, not try and get the mud out manually et cetera. It's just not happenin there for you. It's definitely getting a bit murky, and dirty, and poisonous. So, have a look at the Grander prices, Grander products, sorry, on the site. And, I'm sure that we'll have something there to help you out or give us a call. Check with Wayne, whatever it might be. And, we'll be able to get you with a beautiful, clean, clean, crystal clear pond again in no time. The fish will love it. - They love it. - Alright, thanks very much.

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