[VIDEO] Grander Flexible Unit Installation - How to Install a Grander Flexible Unit

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G'day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here again. What we're going to do is install the Grander Flexible Unit and it's going on to the shower. Nothing like Grander; it's as simple as that. This is the best and we're going to install it on here now. It's a pretty simple install and it's going to work out that we can use this system here for two purposes, and that's how we're going to connect it on the shower here so you can have the... benefits of a Grander shower and you can also get drinking water or bath water or water out of it at the same time, or at any time.


So basically it's a flexible unit, and it's got the two connections on each end, and they're interchangeable. At the moment I've set it up so it's half-inch BSP thread on each end so it's compatible with our half-inch thread in Australia for a shower. So this is going to connect straight on. You can also reverse these around and have one-inch on either end and then apply different connections as required. Here we go, so we're going to install him.


This is a weighty device, this is an absolute class product here. We're just going to connect him on first, you don't want to drop him because they are quite weighty and heavy. Might just spin him back here a little bit so we can see. Alright, there we go. That's the first part. Now the second situation that we're going to do here is we're going to install this T piece on there. Basically we're going to have shower water pouring straight out, and were going to be able to have Grander water from a second part of this tap. So on we go with this special little T piece. And this T piece is always set for the water to flow straight out as it would for a shower.


It's always set in position; the water will pour straight out from a shower whenever you turn it on, but as simple as it is, you get this lever, turn it down, and we'll be able to access water out of this point here and the shower will stop. So you can just have it turned off so the water's available at this point here, shower's off. Whenever you hit the taps, the water's going to pour straight out of this hose.


Now to give you an idea of how amazing it is, what we can do, is we can put a little fitting like this on here... and what that does... That's just normal quarter-inch water pipe to a water filter. So you could run this if you're in an apartment or something like that when you can't Grander your whole home, then what you can do is have this little pipe on here and you've got Grander water coming out of here. Grander water, restructured, revitalized water, after the water's been damaged - which it has.


You can use this magnificent water in any way required. Basically, this pipe could be one, two metres long, this pipe could be 20 metres long. You can run it down and you can run it to a water filter a bench top water filter sitting on the end of the bath, sitting on a bench, sitting anywhere that you can fit it. You can connect it to the wall and have the water going in through the water filter and get water out of it. You possibly wouldn't go and get a glass at a time, but you can definitely fill up large containers to take into the kitchen, etcetera. For cooking and stuff like that it's absolute gold. This is the go for getting drinking water out of it.


Or maybe you've even got a gravity urn, like a gravity water filter that just sits on the bench collecting water from here, and then tip it in to the top of the filter and it'll make even better water than what those filters do now, because they are very good. Filing that on the drinking side, we're just going to take that off there now. This is just a normal shower hose. So we can just connect a normal shower hose straight on to the second T piece here as well.


Now the beauty of that is, if you want to fill the bath up you basically turn it on and now we've just got a half-inch size water flow, instead of just a little quarter, we've got a half-inch flow or maybe a little less with the hose attached to it, but it's coming out here at half-inch BSP, but you've got a good, full flow of water. You can put a shower on it if you'd like and have a double shower. It at least gives you a decent volume of water, And also if you want to be filling up other containers in a hurry or fill big bottles, this is the way to go. Water for animals, anything, just run it through the Grander first and you'll be happy you did.


So we'll just let that one hang down here, let him hang down there like he does, and then basically it's just on with the shower. Here we go. Okay there we go. And there we go. So I won't tighten him up too much now, but basically there we go. We turn the little lever up, we jump in the shower, turn the water on, we'll have beautiful Grander shower billowing out of the shower head. I don't believe that you'll have a grander shower, than a Grander shower filter. Truly magnificent. Have a look. Have a read about it. Go for it. If we can help you in any way give us a call, we'd love to help you out. Enjoy.

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