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Hello folks. Rod here from My Water Filter. And I want to share with you today the Grander Penergizer. The Penergizer is filled with Grander Information Water, and revitalizes any drink you put the Penergizer into. It's great for tea, coffee, fruit juice, and wine, and it can revitalize up to one liter at a time. It is suitable in a drinking glass, mug, cup or pitcher, but not for larger containers. It's no bigger than a normal pen so you can take it with you in your pocket or bag to use anytime wherever you may be.

Simply stirring your drink several times is sufficient to revitalize it. It comes complete with its own leather cover to take care of it on the go. I've also interviewed Wayne from Grander Australia where we talk about the Grander Penergizer in more detail. Make sure you check that out on our product page at

It comes complete with a full, three-month money back guarantee so you can feel confident that you will be able to try and test the Penergizer for yourself. So if you are wanting to try Grander with your wine, coffee or water on the move, then this portable, easy to carry revitalization device may be for you. Enjoy.