[VIDEO] Grander Penergizer - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and you just caught us having a chat with Wayne about the Grander Penergizer, just a great little product. And we'll just throw it over to you, Wayne. You know all about it, and we've had a lot of ladies buying these to take care of their red wine, et cetera. That'd be fair? -That'd be fair. The Penergizer was designed in the early days as a handheld product so that you could travel the world with it. You can Penergize your coffee, your wine, and all those things.

But it's also become a good tool for those people just wanting to try the difference in the water, because that Penergizer, properly used, can do up to a liter of water at a time. You can filter the water and then use the Penergizer. And it will give you a good introduction to the water. A lot of people have lived a lot of years just using that Grander as their drinking water until they developed to maybe put the house on or the shower on or whatever they're going to do.

But it's a very good introduction to Grander, and I've had people in this office come in after 20 years and say, "Do you think it still works?" and, of course, it does still work. The sun's still shining, so it will still work. It works on solar energy, and it will carry on working. - Beautiful, so good handy little device there to carry with you, go to the coffee shop in a handbag, anything like that, and not an expensive one either, so, very good. In fact, if you're buying bottled water, for the price of the Penergizer, you'd pay it off in less than six months. - Right, into the coffee shop, and just ask for a normal glass of water.

You drop your own Penergizer in, just make your own restructured, revitalized water. - Or you can Penergize water at night to take to work with you. There is no excuse to buy bottled water once you have a Penergizer. Even though a little bit more fiddly than just turning the tap on if you had the whole house system. - But much better and restructured and revitalized. - Absolutely. - What we need. Beautiful. That's it, folks. The Grander Penergizer. Beautiful. Thank you very much.

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