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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and lucky enough to be with Wayne from Grander Australia. Wayne, I'm just going to ask you this question, I was looking at Grander videos the other day and I saw the lake where all of the algae was just chock-a-block and it was basically choking the whole pond. And I'm interested in this one for myself with my ponds and obviously there's a lot of other viewers out there that've got ponds etc and to try and control the algae and you know how it goes? The stench of the water kills the whole thing, rips the oxygen out, the fish have died, that sort of thing.

And I saw that video just a few days ago and it was getting pretty horrible in there wasn't it? - It's an interesting one because we put Grander in there some 15 years ago and prior to that they were just plagued with algae, smells, dying fish and debris everywhere. And so 15 years ago we put Grander on, they also used to drag the algae every year at a great cost, so 15 years ago we put the Grander on and we had no more problems. For 15 years. - Right, right. - And then a new committee came along, didn't even realize why it was on there and took it off and so for two years it was off Grander. And the video will show you the transformation just in four months of putting it back on. It clearly changed the people's lives around there because again we had smells, algae and all those sorts of things.

But it was the cost factor. I mean they were spending 10,000 dollars a year putting tablets and then dragging all the algae out. So the economics of it speaks for itself. - So the algae was the problem 15 years ago, as I saw it the other day. You put the Grander on, it sorted the problem out, it was so good that everybody forgot about it. So, by the time that they took it off they must have paid for it, did they own it as that stage? - They owned it at that stage. - Right, so it was costing them nothing except recirculating the water? They took it off, they start spending all this money on chlorine and chemical and then they had to go and put it back on. That's amazing isn't it? - It is. - So, no chemicals in. - In that 15 years we've also improved the system, that means, you know 15 years ago was quite a long time in history at Grander.

So we've now changed the system slightly as well and it's an improved system. That's the thing with Grander, we can bolt-on, bolt-off very, very quickly. There's not a lot of infrastructure required for doing anything with Grander. Whether it was BHP, where we were, extracting from coal mines, the infrastructure to install Grander is minor. Absolutely minor.

So we can change and chop things around. If customers decide they want more treatment it can be added or taken away. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, nothing's fixed. On, off, change, chop. Beautiful. Yeah, now that's it folks, seriously. I saw that video, you can have a look and take a look at it on the site yourself. The water was just an absolute stinking mess and they basically just turned it back into beautiful crystal clean pond water. The lilies were thriving, the fish were back and as that water goes right up to the balconies of those places.

The water is literally this far away from a lot of those people there. So, gee I feel for them when it was a stinking mess, I heard the lady say, she couldn't keep the door open or anything. And now, it's just a pristine pond. So I bet they love you. - I'm probably flavor of the month. - Flavor of the month at the moment. Alright folks, take a look at that one. If you've got a pond, this is the way to clean it up. Grander, it's an amazing thing. Thanks very much.