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Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and we've got the treat of having a chat with Wayne, Wayne from Grander Australia this afternoon. And Wayne, the big question that I want to ask you today is, we sell water filters, alright? We sell miles of 'em. The water quality's deteriorated so bad that the feeling is we need more than just filters now and, in particular, I'm talking about whole house water filters. So obviously, yes, people are drinking the water, but just for the whole house. What I'm finding is that, we're running out of water in this country.

The Water Board, the government, they're topping out with bore water and they're bringing massive amounts of chemical, sorry, they're bringing massive amounts of mineral into our homes. It's just destroying our home appliances, you know, mine and my family as well, you know. You can put a water filter on there. You don't really want to use a water softener because they're just so yucky and time consuming, et cetera et cetera. So people are using water filtration, but the mineral is so fine it just goes straight through the water filters. So water filter's great, pulling out the chlorine and containment et cetera, but the mineral being so fine, it's just destroying people's homes.

Obviously Grander is one way that people can reverse it, get around it, work around it. Your feeling on that? - Well, it's an important point, of course, that hard water, or mineralized water is basically calcium, salts, magnesium, bang, the bond. The bond is what kills it. - Right. - So basically, unstructured water is chaotic and it just bonds. So when you make it more structured water, it dissolves that, dissolves that, and they don't touch. - So in boilers and cooling towers, which is a playground for us, is why it worked. You know, engineers first said, Grander creates more oxygen, we're gonna have more rust. But no, oxygen, iron, dissolved. It doesn't touch. - [Rod] It doesn't touch. - So that's why the structured water in that situation is more important than just ordinary town waters.

And so one of the applications we had was up in Warwick, where the town water was actually bore water and we were running appliances up there with no chemicals. So it was a real test of Grander's ability to stop that calcification and corrosion, and it did. So it's an easy one. - Yeah, we've had customers ring up and testimonial, thank us, this sort of thing, where they've applied the Grander whole house, that even inside the kettle has stayed shiny, okay, and I know that they go very white calcify up, et cetera around the element et cetera, but with Grander applied to it, not only kept the water system and everything else in the house nice and clean and operating to its best, but the kettle stayed clean, you know, so it really does have an effect on the mineral. - Well, it especially shows up in WA, where we have probably our biggest customer base for that reason, for that high mineral content and the problems it causes, from the iron, to the kettle, to the hot water cylinder and things like that. So basically we actually had the same effect as a softener without all the rubbish, without all the problems. It basically sits there forever. - And then it improves the water for the garden, it improves the water for the community and the people in the house. It improves the waste water. It just improves it in every direction, isn't it, just totally positive. - Yep. - That's what we need, folks. So hope you had a listen to that. Basically

Grander in your whole house, it's gonna save money in the long term, everything will operate better, keep the kettle clean, at least cleaner than it is today, that's a fact. So have a look around, get on the videos, and give us a call if we can help you in any way. But Grander is generally the answer to your problems. Thanks very much.