Grander Water for Lime Scale - Interview with Wayne from Grander [VIDEO]

Today, we spoke with Wayne from Grander about the water issue we continue to experience in various parts of Australia and how the Grander Whole House Unit can help.

The water quality in Australia has deteriorated so much that the feeling is that we need more than just filters now and, in particular, I'm talking about Whole House Water Filters.

We Are Running Out Of Water In Australia

The Water Board are topping up our supplies with bore water, and they're bringing massive amounts of mineral into our homes. What we already know about excessive mineral is that it creates limescale that destroys our home appliances.

This is why people install water filtration systems. But the mineral is often so fine that it just goes straight through the water filters. The water filters are great at pulling out the chlorine and contaminants, but the mineral is slipping through and can do damage to your home.


While it’s possible to use a Water Softener such as the Limetron Hard Water Conditioner, you don’t want to use a water softener because they’re not as pleasant as the Grander product and can be time-consuming.

What is bore water? And how does it work?

Grander Is The Answer


Grander is one way that people can reverse this issue.

Bore Water/Hard water is a calcium, salts and magnesium bond. This bond is what causes the problems.

Unstructured water is chaotic, and this is how it behaves. When you structure the water, it dissolves the destructive bond.

Western Australia is one area that is high in mineral content, and we have our biggest customer base there for that reason.

Installing a Grander unit can be the one thing that solves all of your water issues and we highly recommend it. 

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Talk to us if you’d like to look at getting a Grander Whole House Unit on your home; it’s going to save you lots of money in the long term.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to help.

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