[VIDEO] Grander Whole House System- Interview with Wayne from Grander

We were privileged to have a chat with Wayne from Grander Australia today.

And the device that we’re here to talk about is the Grander Whole House device, something that every Australian home should ultimately have.

Rod: The amount of mineral and pollution in the water is just destroying home appliances. I’ve seen hot water systems that are many, many years old, and the darn things are still clean as a whistle inside, and there's only one reason why; because they're attached to a Grander device.

Wayne: That's the honest truth; this is the ultimate Grander. This is something you'd work towards. You might work with smaller devices first, but this is where you want to end up. You need to work towards this because this will help your showers, drinking water, and your washing water. The number of benefits is truly amazing.

In recent years we changed houses, and like most dutiful husbands, I didn't get around to changing the Grander unit and installing it on the next home, and, of course, every day, my wife was at me. This is wrong, this is wrong. The towels are hard. This is no good. And it was just amazing to me to have it on for 20-something years and all of a sudden not have it on. Until you took it away, you didn’t realise those benefits.

Rod: And if it's to do with just the pipework.

Wayne: Yep - the energy in the house, there are all sorts of benefits. And I can't speak highly enough about trying to work towards having that whole house, Grander Filter. It is very, very important.

It's essential to believe for the environment because every bit of water going through your house is what’s ending up back in the environment. If you can return that water in much better quality to the environment, whether it be swimming pools or just your sewage waters, those things all end up back in the environment, and this definitely will go a long way towards improving those systems.

Rod: I realise even with the hard water association having their document out and suggests it might be like $800 a year more expensive to live in a hard water home than a soft water home.

Wayne: Absolutely. We throw out the washing machine; we get the new dishwasher, we replace the home appliances. And we might curse and swear here and there about what we're doing, but we just do it because we don't know any better. But at the end of the day, it's just the water quality.

It's just the water is just so hard and harmful and acidic nowadays that it's just destroying everything. But Grander can just turn it all around.

Wayne: Yeah, absolutely. I have a story about equipment in houses because I had a Grander unit on a commercial building which had a residence at the top, and we put the Grander on 15 years previous, but when we took the hot water cylinder out, when we decided it was too small, we realised that it was 34 years old.

Rod: Wow.

Wayne: So the last 15 years of Grander had cleaned it up, and it was perfect.

Rod: There are just miles of stories like that and testimonials that we've got on Grander and the products. So do yourself a favour. These things will save you money in the long run, take good care of your home and keep the water hotter in your homes.

Softer clothes, Softer hair and skin, and nicer towels. Just every component of your house is changed when it's running on Grander water.

So, take a look at our Grander collection and contact us if you need any help. We’d be delighted to do so.

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