Grander Whole House Unit - Ongoing Annual Maintenance [VIDEO] nce

When you invest in a product such as the Grander Whole House unit, you want to be sure it will last. You can take some simple steps to prolong the life of your Grander Whole House product, and anyone can do it.

Cover Your Unit

The Grander unit is truly a fantastic product, and the best way to preserve your unit is to have it protected by an outer container that is weatherproof. We have used a PVC plastic container in the video above.

Coat It With Petroleum Jelly

The next step is to coat it with a good covering of petroleum jelly. We want to keep the harsh The Grander water will take care of the inside, but we want to keep the Australian air off the outside of your unit.

So once a year, we will re-coat the outside of the unit with two fingers of petroleum jelly. If there's too much petroleum jelly on there from last year, or it's changed colour or gotten dirty, you can clean it off very quickly.

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