Home Edge Kinetic Energiser Product Spotlight

Hello. Rod from My Water Filter here today and I'd like to introduce you to our most affordable, whole-house, structured water energiser.

It is the Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer. This device is part of our structured water range, and it is an excellent solution if you live in a hard water area, on chlorinated town scheme water, or you just want to benefits of structured water. Whether this is for your own home, your business or commercial use, this device is for you.

Home edge

High Quality and Certified

The Kinetic Water Energizer has a high quality, robust housing. It is Australian WaterMark certified, and laboratory tested. The Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer has a unique design and engineered to replicate how water is purified, revitalised and energised in nature.

Dead Water

When chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and other nasty chemicals are added into our water supplies, oxygen dissipates out of the water, and the molecules all lock up together, which is known as clustering. Where all the molecules lock together, trapping unhealthy contaminants between the clusters of molecules, turning it into dead water.


Creating Energised Water

How this device works is water flows into the Home Edge, flows through multiple layers of triangular configured moving arms within the device creating heavy currents in the water, just like water rolls over rocks in a bubbling stream. These currents unlock the clusters in the water, neutralising the contaminants and energising the water back to life.

Home Edge breaks up the garbage trapped in the water molecules

Conditioning the Water

The Home Edge creates beautiful, soft, healthy, live-energized, restructured water that will flow through every tap in your home. The Home Edge is excellent for changing low-oxygenated, clustered, dead water that supplies our homes into healthy, live-energized, restructured, revitalised water.

Hand Washing

Protect your Home

It also helps stop the limescale build-up throughout your home, saves the inside of your pipes and appliances from blocking up and prevents your tapware from being eaten away. The Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer is proudly created by healthy water technologies here in Australia. It has been laboratory tested by Griffith University as was found to neutralise 99.2% of the chlorine and nearly 30% of the fluoride, which is fantastic at whole-house flow rates.


Reusable Water

It is environmentally friendly and creates no wastewater and water treated by Home Edge is also beneficial for your garden and plant growth. This device is easy to install for any qualified person, and the Home Edge is installed on the incoming mains water line to your home and best fitted with a whole-house water filter.

Botanical Garden

Warranty Information

The Home Edge is maintenance-free, is install-and-forget, and it comes with a full manufacturer's warranty. You can feel confident that this kinetic water energiser will continue to provide you with excellent structured water for many years to come.

If you are looking to create healthily, revitalised, restructured water, then this Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer is for you.

Clean, soft, live-structured water for everyone in your home is the most magnificent way to live. Enjoy.

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