[VIDEO] How the Grander Board Works?

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G'day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. I just wanna chat to ya quickly about the Grander products and why they're so vital to our water quality nowadays. So when the Water Board gets our water, they have to pump that water to our homes, and it's got to travel a long way. And it must be suitable for use, with no bugs in the water when it arrives. Now for the Water Board to achieve this, they're gonna have to throw in copious amounts of chemicals, and when they do, the water's alive.

The water does not like these chemicals. The water dissipates oxygen up out of the water. All the molecules, they lock up together. It's called clustering, and the clustered molecules, they trap contamination in available oxygen in between these clusters. Then that water, it's pumped to your home. You get a glass of water out of your tap at home, and it's lacking oxygen, it's full of chemicals, and all the molecules are tangled up and locked up together. So that's when the Grander Revitalization products are just so important nowadays. So once we get our water to our homes, we can give it a quick filter, and take out the majority of the contamination.

And then we use a Grander product. As you can see in the video here, the Grander Information Water is sealed inside the coil of copper inside the board. Once you have filled your bottles with filtered water, we place the bottles onto the Grander Board. At the start, the water, it's all tangled up and clustered, full of contamination and lacking available oxygen. Then the Grander Board sends the signal, which is a frequency, so it's a vibration. This vibration opens up the molecular structure of the water inside your bottles. It allows trapped contamination out and oxygen in. We now have biologics at play, and the water is repairing itself as nature intended.

We've got a much finer, denser water, with more available oxygen for the human body, and the human body just loves this water because it's so fine we're able to absorb it very easily. And we get hydrated much better, much faster with live, oxygenated water. So take a look at the Grander products, folks, they're second to none. Once the water has been revitalized and restructured by the Grander Board, the water is permanently grandered. So do yourself a favor. Check out the Grander Revitalization products. They're truly amazing. Thank you.

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