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Hello, and welcome to our multiple order guide. It's a very quick message, just to let you know about your delivery. If you've ordered multiple products or a large product with many components, we may be required to deliver to you from multiple locations. But rest assured, anything you have ordered will be dispatched and then delivered to you as fast as we can, and we will provide tracking codes and information in relation to your order so you can track it at any time to see where it's up to.

We do try to send as many products express as possible, and our aim is to always use the best couriers available. At any time after you've placed your order, if you would like information or clarification in relation to your order, please contact us in any of our contact us channels and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you in any way. So please relax. Your order will be with you very soon, and I thank you very much.