[VIDEO] Universal Vitamin Shower Filter Installation - How and if you can Install a Vitamin Shower Filter?

It’s super easy to Install the Universal Vitamin Shower Filter.

Before you start, place a couple of towels down on the shower floor so you protect the tiles in case you drop anything.

      1. Remove the shower arm.
      2. Wipe any excess water away from the connections, and there is not old bits of thread tape on the thread.
      3. Wrap some new thread tape around the thread coming out of the wall, 5-6 turns is sufficient.
      4. Screw the Universal Vitamin Shower Filter onto the wall
      5. Put some thread tape around the exposed thread of the water filter. (5-6 turns)
      6. Put your shower arm back on, screwing it onto your new Vitamin Shower filter.
      7. Turn the water on, and let it run through the filter for a minute while you enjoy the satisfaction of completing the task.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We’d be delighted to help.

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