[VIDEO] Universal Vitamin Shower Filter Installation - How and if you can Install a Vitamin Shower Filter?

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter back again, and what we're gonna do today is install the Vitamin Shower with longer lasting cartridge. Now what we've got here is a good old Australian shower arm, been around forever and very popular. And nowadays, with all the chlorinated water that we've got, they just need a little bit of help, these setups. So today we're going to install the Vitamin C shower with it, and we'll have a beautiful shower filter happening in no time.

So, as normal, before we start, we like to take care of our surroundings, and underneath me now is a towel or two. So what I do is before I start, I get a couple of towels, put them in the base of the shower, and it's basically in case you drop anything, you don't want to crack the tile or just make a mess of it, alright? We want to install this shower filter and create a beautiful experience, and that's exactly what we're going to do.

A couple of towels on the floor, we got some padding and some safety, and we're good to go. And then it's basically just off with the old shower arm, and a good old spanner like this one will do it, okay. So straight onto the shower arm, they normally come off pretty easy, no dramas at all. So we just unscrew that straight off the wall, like so, good job. Obviously what we wanna do is just wipe any water away.

If the shower's been turned on recently, when you pull the arm off then you could get a bit of water out, but it's only water. Just make sure there's no old bits of thread tape hanging off or anything like that, just clean it up and tidy it up, and make sure it's presentable and ready to go to use. Now, the first thing we're going to do is get some thread tape, and we're going to install it around the thread to prepare it for the filter. So we always wipe the thread tape on in the same direction that we're going to install the filter. So the first wipe is the hardest wipe, first time 'round, once you're around, you're locked on. Try not to come too far forward on the face, keep it towards the back and get it as flat as we can. So we give it a wrap on there. I've put plenty on, don't be shy.

Depending on the quality of it, five or six turns, okay? You can push it back into the thread there, and we're good to go, alright. Now, when you put the Vitamin Shower on, you don't want to do it too tight. Now we'll just have a quick look in the end here, you can see there's a good sized rubber washer in there, and that does help to seal once we put it on. And what happens, if you over tighten it, the pressure from the face of the thread will push onto that washer and squash it, and it will expand. And you will reduce the size of the hole, and you'll reduce the flow of the water.

These should flow straight through, beautiful, no worries at all. The only time that they ever don't, or if you're not happy with the water flow coming out of your shower, loosen it off a little bit, okay? If you can't seem to figure it, get a bit of wire, pull that washer out, apply plenty of thread tape, so you still get a leak-free seal, and screw it on again, alright? But we're good to go today.

We'll leave it in there for now. Now, they're pretty good and solid, no doubt about that, but just treat it with some respect and you'll be good to go. So we get him on there, we just take our time with the first turn. We want to ensure that it's nice and center, and it is on the thread properly. As you can see, it's going on pretty easy, and we're just going to wind it around. And I can feel it taking up some tension there now.

And we're good to go. That rubber has sealed up against the pipe, we've got the thread tape on there to help seal as well, and we're looking good, okay? Stage two, thread tape again, make sure that the arm doesn't leak when we attach it there onto the filter itself. Once again, on with that thread tape. Gentle with the first wipe until we lock it on, and then we're good to go. I don't come too far forward, so I like to leave a little bit of thread there to stop the arm back on. And we don't want to cover it up on the back. So, get the tape nice and wide, and we get a nice coverage on there, beautiful.

Very nice. And then after that we're just going to put the arm back on, okay. Once again, take care of the threads, and you never have to take it off. That's one of the great things about this design, is once you install it, you don't have to pull the arm off or screw it apart or anything. There we go. She's ready to go, folks.

We just turn the water on, it'll run through the filter, and come out 99.9% of the chlorine gone and you'll be good to go. So happy days, thank you very much.

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