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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're going to do is have a look at connecting a bench top water filter to your home kitchen spout. Okay, reason for that, lot of new touch spouts coming into the country and we're finding a couple of different size connections on the end. And obviously, we want you to get it right the first time and buy a product that's going to be able to connect up for you. So I'm just going to run through a few different sizes and connections so before you purchase, you can have a look and see if you're in the running and it's all going to connect up fine for you. So this is just a good quality, ultra pure, single stage bench top water filter, and it doesn't matter if it is this one, a twin, a triple, an Arrow 4000 reverse osmosis system.

With most of our systems we make ourselves, we use these good quality USA diverters and that is going to connect straight onto this spout. Okay, what you're going to find, it's a little gray. And I say that with half a millimeter, okay? So this one here is generally around the 21 millimeter mark. Okay, and this one here is around the 23 and a half, could be 24, okay? But we'll have a run, and we'll have a look. So basically we've taken the aerator off. It can be male or it can be female, all right?

This particular aerator here is a female, and it's got this little double male connection that goes into the top, all right? Now what we're going to find is up inside the tap here, if it's a female thread, it's normally going to be around the 23 to 24 millimeter mark. Now we just put these calipers up in here and have a look. And once we get them in there nice and neat, as we can see, one, two, three. So we're right around the 23 millimeter mark, and this is the best way to measure them if you can, all right? So just over 23 millimeters in the top here. Come to this thread here, yes, it's another female and we need an adapter, but just to give you a look. There she is there, about the 21 millimeter mark, all right? So we got about 21 mills here in this diverter. Okay, so we've go to connect 21 to 23 and half, okay?

Now there's quite a range of little connectors that we've got our hands on nowadays. This is the most popular one, all right? I run a caliper on the top, and we get an outside thread. Once again, 23 and a tiny little bit, okay. So 23 to 24 mill is screwing up inside these heads.And I'll expect this one to screw straight up inside the same, okay? There we go, all right, wait and tighten it. I'll just screw it until we stop. Basically, on the bottom here, we already know we've got a 21. That connection is going to screw straight onto here like that, no worries at all. So if you're looking for a thread connection, standard throughout industry is 23 female and 21 male, okay? So if you screw your aerator off your kitchen sink spout, and your aerator on the inside is 21, we're good to go. If you screw it out, and when you do screw it out, you've got a female thread like this one, we're looking for 23, 23 and a bit millimeters, all right? They're about the two sizes. 23 if it's female, if you've got a thread hanging out and it's male, we're looking for 21, all right?

Here's another one here, different shape, same format, 23 on the top, that's going to screw in the top, gives us 21 to screw the female part onto the bottom, okay? Once again, same size, 23 straight in there, connection on the bottom, 21 into the female, okay? If you've got something different, and you could well have, we've got a couple of different sizes we can get our hands on and basically that connection is still going to stay.

Well actually I'll take this one out now to show you the new ones, so here's another connection we can get our hands on, okay? Same thing, now that's actually 21, it's closer to 22 even on the bottom, but it'll still screw into the diverters. But it's this connection at the top that you're going to be looking for. If you come and measure your spout, and you've only got 15 millimeters in the top, 16 millimeters in the top, this is what you be looking for. This big chunky fellow here, okay?

But once it screws onto your tap thread, you want to be putting the diverter on. And even though it measures closer to 22 on the calipers, as you can see, they still screw straight in and lock in, okay? So before you buy a water filter, you've taken off you aerator, if you've got a female thread you're looking for 23 and a half. If you've got a male thread, you're looking for 21, 21 and a half, something like that, okay? So give it a measure, talk to our team, here to help you out, send us a photo. In any way that we can help you out we will. And we'll try to match those up for you right before you start; thanks very much.

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