How To Protect Your Family From Chlorine In Your Bath or Shower Water

Is There Chlorine In Your Shower or Bath Water?

If you are on town or city water, then there’s a good chance it’s got chlorine in it!

Chlorine is an effective and affordable way to disinfect domestic water, killing a wide range of pathogenic bacteria and other viruses that could make your family sick if consumed.

Once your water has made its way from the water treatment plant to your home, the chlorine disinfectant has more or less done its job, and the mess is left to be cleaned up by the detox systems in your body.


How Chlorine Interacts With The Body

Are you sure your drinking water is safe?

Unfortunately, chlorine is a harsh chemical that isn’t very kind to the human skin, hair, nails or lungs.

It isn’t very kind at all - that’s why it kills bacteria in your water.

Many people don’t realise that if chlorine can kill bacteria in your water, it can also kill healthy microbes in your gut, strip your hair and skin of essential oils and nutrients, and dry out your skin.

When you take a hot shower, the pores of your skin open up and absorb all the chlorine vapour that has filled the air while your skin soaks it up into its pores.

Chorine chemically bonds to the protein in your hair, putting your hair at risk of becoming dry or brittle and your skin itchy and prone to premature aging.

Not only is chlorine absorbed into your skin while having a bath or shower, but its vapour is also inhaled - entering the bloodstream within minutes.


Health Problems Related To Chlorine In Bath and Shower Water

It may not happen overnight, and may people go a whole lifetime without realising what’s caused their health issues:

      • Dry or itchy skin
      • Dry or brittle hair
      • Skin Irritations or worsened existing conditions
      • Breathing problems
      • Premature aging of skin

For many of our customers, these problems become a thing of the past after purchasing a shower filter - just look at all the reviews.

How To Protect Your Family From Chlorine In Your Shower Water

There's nothing more important than the water you use when it comes to your bathing habits.

Numerous water filtration systems are available that will remove the pesky chlorine from your shower or bath water, protect your hair and skin, and make it a healthy experience instead of a harmful one.

You can attach shower filters to your existing showerhead, whole house water filter systems installed to the side of your home, and even bath balls that are snuggly fitted to the faucet in your kids' bath.


Family Protection Is Incredibly Affordable

Most people are generally surprised that the chlorine solution can be cheaper than $100.

Shower Filters are an extremely popular choice for modern, health-conscious families and typically use activated carbon or KDF media to remove the chlorine.

A Vitamin C Shower is the ultimate shower upgrade that enriches your shower water with healthy essential oils leaving you feeling much fresher and more invigorated by the time your head hits the pillow at night.

Whole House Water Filters are generally more thorough than shower filters because they treat the water throughout the entire home. In addition, the whole house filter cartridges are 10-20x times the size and give the water more contact time with the cartridge - allowing it to become cleaner for your family’s enjoyment.

Regardless of which type of water filtration system you use, chlorine removal is a high priority for health-conscious families looking to stay on top of life, especially in the crazy environment we live in today.

Need Help?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require help selecting the right shower or bath filter for your home.

We’d be delighted to help.

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