[VIDEO] HPF Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems - Product Spotlight

Rod from My Water Filter here and this the High Performance Filtration Undersink Reverse Osmosis Systems. Nowadays in our capital cities, the water quality's deteriorating and these systems here will certainly get all of that garbage out of the water. The cartridge replacement on these type of systems is fairly cheap. This system is a definite step up from the normal under sink mechanical filtration system.

Filter System Range

- HPF Four Stage Reverse Osmosis

- HPF Five Stage Reverse Osmosis

- HPF Seven Stage Reverse Osmosis

These three systems are the same, and they've all got these three cartridges in them that we call the filtration component. That's generally the first three or four stages of an RO System. After the membrane, the filtration is done. You’ll want more stages if you need more cartridges get higher pH levels in your water.

Reverse Osmosis Undersink Systems

Four Stage Filtration

The water comes in and it goes through the bottom housing the Sediment Cartridge. It takes the dirt, sediment, lumps and bumps out of the water.

The water flows over to the second housing the Chloramine Removal Cartridge, this removes the chlorine.

4 Stage Reverse Osmosis

The first two cartridges protect the membrane. The membrane that goes inside the next housings is the main powerhouse of any reverse osmosis system. It’s splitting the large molecules out and keeps the pure water molecules in the tank.

Then the Fourth Stage, you can find the Inline Cartridge and the purpose of this is to add some mineral into the water and elevate the pH back to around the neutral seven mark.

Five Stage Filtration

The Five Stage is going to elevate the pH of the water up to 9 pH. But be aware that that's what this is for, is to create higher pH water.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Water goes through the alkaliser, picking up the mineral and elevating the pH. Then through the coconut carbon, to make the water nice and sweet before you drink it.

Seven Stage Filtration

The seven stage. This system creates high pH water. This makes exquisite quality and tasty water. After the filtration, the cartridges will elevate the pH and make the water suitable for us to drink again.

HPF 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis

The water comes out of the membrane and it goes straight through the T300 Cartridge and collects in the tank. This elevates the pH of the water anywhere up to 10 pH. This is great for people with illnesses.

What You’re Getting

- Instructions

- Bag of parts. It's all color coded so you know where the hoses go

- Tap for the top of the RO System

- T-piece for under the sink

- Housing removal tool to take the housings off

- Membrane removal tool

- Cable cutter. Use this to cut the hoses

- The drain clamp that goes under the sink for the waste water

- Thread tape

- Chrome faucet

- HPF Warranty general papers


If you have any question, we’d love to chat with you. These systems are good quality, made here in Australia, and has the Australian WaterMark. Having this under your sink and you'll never have to look back. They'll be no repairs or anything to do. They'll just work and they're good to go and the cartridge replacement is pretty cheap. Good luck. If you want an RO, these are a beauty. Thanks very much.

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