[VIDEO] Leak Detector Demonstration - How a Leak Detector Works and Why Every Home Should Have One

How a Leak Detector Works and Why Every Home Should Have One

A Leak Detector Water Filter Leak Shut Off is a must for all homes, as it provides you peace of mind, knowing that if your water filter ever started to leak, your leak detector will turn off the incoming water supply, so you don't have any water damage in your home and it will sound the alarm to alert you of the leak. 

The Leak Stopper & Filter Life Monitor

The Leak Stopper is your best means to prevent water damage and the inconvenience associated with it.

When moisture is detected by the metal contacts the alarm is triggered and the unit shuts off the water supply to the appliance. The alarm continues until the unit is reset.

These little units are very cheap and well worth the peace of mind they provide.

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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here and what I'd like to share with you today is a leak detector. Okay, honestly this should be a part of any under sink filter no matter what type it is okay, or where it comes from. It can just give you peace of mind. It can stop a wet kitchen and water leaking in the house. 

Okay, it's just a nice little leak detector and it will shut off the water to your water filter if there's an accident, a breakage, or anything goes wrong, okay? 

Not that it happens a lot, I will be the first to admit that it's very rare, but you just never know. 

So basically this little leak detector fits underneath the sink right at the two-piece. So if there's a leak anywhere in the line, this thing will shut the water off right at the two-piece. 

In the video above, we give you a demonstration of how it works. As soon as you dip the unit in the water, it shuts off the water and sets off the alarm. It'll wake you up, you'll know something is wrong. Okay, it's just an unreal thing, they're a good price and I really think everybody should have one. So, take a look on the site, give us a yell if we can give you any tips in any way. 

But this is the go, a leak detector for your water filter. 

Peace of mind, absolutely. 

Thanks very much.


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