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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and we're back again with the Aroma Q Shower Filter and we're going to install it now and we'll put the full set on along with the hose and the bracket, etc and take the old Australian arm off, alright? Now first thing before I start doing any of these shower installs, etc.

First thing I'm gonna do is just get a couple of towels, put them in the base of the shower. I'm standing on a towel now and we do that in case you drop anything at all, etc, we just don't want to chip a tile or anything silly like that, so put something down to work on, get a nice base and we're good to go, okay? And we start with a good sized spanner and we're straight under the wall. Soon as you loosen that, that normally screws straight off. Beautiful and make sure there's no water on there.

If there's any old thread tape or anything stuck and lumped on here, clean it off. You can get a little screwdriver and brush it, clean it off if you want, get a nice clean start and we're good to go, okay? So first thing I'm gonna do here today is what you normally do, is screw these steel chrome caps off, okay? As you can see the new one here is all set up nicely and ready to fit straight onto the wall so what we'll do is get hold of some thread tape, okay? And we're gonna wrap some thread tape straight around here. First roll is always the worst, but try and push it to the back as far as we can. Probably about five or six wraps and we're looking good.

If it's not so good a quality, if it's a very thin thread tape, then you will require more, okay? But we normally pull the plates off cause you're not gonna want it. This one is a demo so we're just gonna leave it there so we can have a bit of a look here today, okay? Next thing we're doing is we'll screw the holder on. Nothing too hard about that and you can adjust it, so this one is gonna work out very nicely for us and be tight just where we want it.

So that's how we want it to end up with the water for the hose coming out the bottom and in line and nice and straight so that the shower handle is gonna fit in the top, okay? And we're good to go there. Next thing is the hose. You can see it's got two different ends on it. It's this one with the hex knob on the end that we're gonna attach on to the actual holder and then the other one will go through our shower hose, okay? So we're starting off and as you can see, there is a rubber washer in there, okay? And that should be good enough to seal it up.

Once again if you need to you can wrap some thread tape around this thread here and that will give you extra sealing power and that will stop any leaks that you've got. It's just that one tied up there, I'm gonna get the spanner. And just nip him up til he's tight. You'll feel the rubber start to squash, don't overdo it, it should just tighten up nicely for you, okay? Get the hose, make sure it's just hanging down, it's nice and straight, no kinks in it, we want it to hang nice in the shower.

Shower head as you can see, spins on the end. The hose doesn't turn, it's just turn and do it up nice and tight. Once again there's a black washer in here and there's also the rubber O ring on the top so we tighten up by hand as tight as we can, good to go, okay? Plunk him in there, you adjust it where you want it and it's as simple as that and it does make a magnificent shower, I've tried it.

Have a go, thank you.